At 16,509 deaths in Britain in total from coronavirus


            The total number of corona deaths in Britain is 16,509, according to today's announcement by the Ministry of Health. The new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours across the country are 449.
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           <p>A spokesman for the prime minister, Boris Johnson, said earlier in the day that the government's priority was to avoid a second wave of tensions, and that "this was a major concern" for the decision to continue the lockdown. He added that the prime minister was still recovering in the Checkers, where he received daily updates on the handling of the pandemic.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is what will do the most damage to health and the economy. If we move too fast, then the virus could spread again with geometric progress, “he said in a statement.

This morning, the acting prime minister, Foreign Minister Dominique Ramb, informed the leaders of the opposition parties by telephone to address the problem. Labor spokesman Kierre Stammer said the briefing was constructive and reiterated a call for the government to provide more details on the pandemic exit strategy.

source RES-EIA

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