Coronavirus is of animal origin – Coronavirus – WHO


The WHO declared the animal origin of coronavirus
Illustrative photo (RBC-Ukraine)

However, at this stage it is not possible to determine the exact source of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus COVID-19 is of animal origin. This was stated by WHO spokeswoman Fadela Schaib at a briefing in Geneva, reports Reuters.

Shaib noted that at this stage it is impossible to determine the exact source of the coronavirus.

“WHO is based on scientific evidence. We believe that the origin of this virus is an animal,” she replied that coronavirus could have been created in the laboratory.

Previously reported that three residents of Westchester County, New York, sued the World Health Organization because of the concealment of the coronavirus pandemic.

Recall that in China they claim that the coronavirus infection was brought to Wuhan, where the epidemic began. This is allegedly indicated by the gene sequence in COVID-19.

Prior to this, Fox News, citing sources, said that the coronavirus COVID-19 arose in the Wuhan laboratory, its employee became a “null patient.” In China, this is refuted.


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