Scientists have explained why coronavirus causes runny nose in some people and pneumonia in others


Scientists at St. Petersburg State University, the Institute of Cytology RAS and Tsinghua University from China talked about a peptide that can block the binding of COVID-19 to the human body. The study found out why coronavirus manifests itself in different ways, from a runny nose to pneumonia. The press service of St. Petersburg State University shared some conclusions.

Researchers said that one of the receptor protein types, ACE2, is used to dock an infection with a human cell. Most often, coronaviruses enter the body through the respiratory system, however, according to preliminary data, the ACE2 gene is weak, scientists say.

“This is probably due to the immunity of most people to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 is Rosbalt). If we look in more detail at the parts of the respiratory system, then the maximum expression of the ACE2 gene is found in the nasal cavity, and the minimum in the alveoli of the lungs. This means that in most patients only a runny nose will be observed, and in the lungs of these people SARS-CoV-2 simply can not reproduce. However, severe cases of COVID-19 indicate that in some conditions the expression of the ACE2 gene in the lungs increases, ”said Olga Rogacheva, an employee of St. Petersburg State University, candidate of biological sciences.

In the latter case, she believes, the spread of the virus can lead to pneumonia, and in the case of an inadequate response of the immune system, to acute respiratory distress syndrome. This is an inflammatory lung disease that threatens a person’s life.

Scientists continue to research. They intend to study the interaction of the virus that causes COVID-19 with human cells. To combat the disease, a peptide that can block the binding of coronavirus to the body will help, the authors of the work believe.

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