Tear me down, attracts the handkerchief. Protection against coronavirus in Brno? Look where


At this time, a person who has forgotten a reasonable number of drapes at home, has recently been experienced by Tereza Karásková from Brno. She appreciated the network of devices where people in Brno can buy mandatory respiratory protection. “Roulette machines are a good idea, needed during a pandemic. I usually try to wear my own sewn drapes, but once I have bought the drapes. It is much more pleasant to buy it this way than to wrap it around a scarf that still falls off your nose, ”said Karásková.

The citizens of Brno will find sixteen robots in the streets or at interchanges, from which they may also wear respirators, protective gloves or disinfectant gels. “We have identified places for placing vending machines so that they are easily accessible to all inhabitants and at the same time meet the technical requirements for operation, such as the possibility of connecting the device to electricity,” said Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková.

Click for enlargement.In the city center, people come across gambling machines, for example in Joštova Street near the information stand, Malinovského Square or the old bus station in Benešov Street. They can stay there until the end of the year.

They were the first in Brno to purchase a vending machine almost a month ago in Řečkovice. Originally stood in the town hall building, later moved to the nearby area of ​​the former brewery. “At least one hundred and fifty drapes a day will be sold. There has been a steady interest in them for the last ten days, ”outlined the Mayor of Říčany Marek Viskot.

He added that up to four hundred masks disappeared from the device the first week after starting the device. Later in the city district was added device in the shopping center Vysočina.

Since the beginning of the month, the inhabitants of Královo Pole have been using the drape machine in the Albert shop near Semilassa. After a great deal of initial interest, they are buying fewer, but the proceeds from the sale go on for charitable purposes. “Specifically, these are organizations such as Adra, Diocesan Charity Brno or the Endowment Fund for Children’s Oncology Krtek,” said the Deputy Mayor of Zbyněk Šolc.

According to general practitioner Ivo Prochazka, drapes are useful and should be as accessible to people as possible. “Drapes should have several. The time of use of the cloth is two to three hours and when people move somewhere for a long time, they have no other choice but to walk in a veil that will no longer protect them. It is definitely good that they are available, ”he said.

For only a few weeks, people in front of the Bohunice town hall were enjoying a vending machine over their mouth and nose. An unknown vandal there smashed the gadget glass at Easter with a stone. The device was taken by the town hall immediately after the holidays. “Fortunately, he didn’t steal anything. We moved the sale of masks to a small shop near the town hall, ”said the mayor of Bohunice Antonín Crha.

During the operation of the machine, people have bought around eight hundred drapes of various colors. The Bohunice instrument differed from the others mainly in the number of color variants of the aids offered.

In Rozmarýnová and Mathonova streets in Brno, people who need to take the aid of the so-called handkerchiefs. They are hung on a tree or fence, and the robe is taken away from there for free. In Moravanská street, those interested will find desimat offering hand gel with disinfectant.

A glove box operates at the Královo Pole and Campus Square shopping centers. “It’s associated with charity. People do not buy masks but wear them there. They put clean ironed drapes in the box and divide them into needy ones, ”said Vilma Hošková, Campus Square manager.

During the first two weeks of its operation, people put 450 pieces of gadgets into the king’s robes. Some of them traveled to the Bystra’s retirement home.


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