Coronavirus can cause brain damage


The coronavirus mainly causes damage to the lungs, but can also affect the brain in various ways. The Brain Foundation warns against this.

In the worst case, your brain will have an oxygen deficiency from lung failure. Especially the brain areas that are needed for attention, memory and planning are damaged.

In addition, a prolonged admission to intensive care is traumatic, which can also lead to brain damage. from research last year showed that 60 percent of all patients who have been on IC for more than 2 days, suffer from complaints such as attention and memory problems, overstimulation, behavioral change and extreme fatigue.

Finally, there are indications that Covid-19 can cause brain inflammation. “All this ensures that healthcare can expect a large group of new brain patients”, says Merel Heimens Visser, director of the Brain Foundation against RTL News.

Sources): RTL News


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