Roshal: nobody forgot about patients without coronavirus


Leonid Roshal, chief freelance pediatric pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region, said that patients with chronic diseases continue to receive medical care in the usual amount, despite the fact that medical facilities are overloaded due to the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus. Earlier, patient organizations said that it was more difficult for people with rare diseases to receive treatment in hospitals.

“The situation is really serious. The issue of emergency care, both surgical (appendicitis, peritonitis, obstruction, trauma), and with strokes, heart attacks, poisoning, etc., has been resolved. As help was provided to them earlier, so it is now too, ”said Mr. Roshal on Wednesday on the radio station “Moscow says”. He added that he did not have information about the neglect by ambulance teams of calls from patients with chronic diseases.

However, according to him, there is indeed a problem with patients who do not require emergency intervention. “In connection with the pandemic, we are not currently hospitalizing them if there is no urgent evidence. And we are doing it right. This is in order not to expose them to the possibility of infection, ”said the physician. Mr. Roshal acknowledged that in this regard, an additional burden falls on the “primary link”. These are oculists, urologists, neurologists, gynecologists, otorhinolaryngologists and other specialists, “who are not easy today, but they must monitor these patients.” He expressed hope that the situation would improve soon.

As of April 22, in Russia, 57 999 cases of infection with the COVID-19 virus were confirmed. The daily increase amounted to 5236 people. During the day, 57 people died from coronavirus. In total, 513 deaths have been recorded since the start of the pandemic in Russia. At the same time, over the past 24 hours a record number of recovered patients were discharged from hospitals – 547. A total of 4420 people, or 7.6% of all infected, have had coronavirus since the outbreak.

For more information about the limitation of non-coronavirus patients in medical care, see Kommersant’s article “Foreign diseases violate quarantine”.


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