Coronavirus CRUELLY KNOWS at a nursing home in Galati: 20 elderly people have been killed by disease, authorities say – News by sources


Coronavirus strikes hard at the nursing home in Galati. Representatives of the authorities announced that two more residents of the “St. Elijah” home in Galați have died. According to official information, two men aged 70 and 73, respectively, died. The balance of victims in the old people’s home reaches 20 people, transmits the MEDIAFAX correspondent.

The two old men were hospitalized at the CFR Hospital in the city of Galati for two weeks and died due to complications due to infection with the new virus. The two victims had cardiovascular, lung, digestive and Parkinson’s problems.

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Authorities also announce that more than 60 elderly people are receiving treatment in various hospitals in Galati.

Currently, there are 55 people inside the “St. Elijah” home who have not been infected with the COVID-19 virus.

As many staff members fell ill since the outbreak broke out, local authorities decided to send nurses and nurses from the city’s medical units to the scene.


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