LAST MINUTE NEWS: Coronavirus worked for them! As economies collapsed, the dollar became a billionaire …


Timothy Springer, 72, a medical professor at Harvard University, was among the few who folded his fortune with the corona virus outbreak.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Springer, who had invested $ 5 million in the biotechnology company Moderna in the past, became a dollar billionaire with the leap of Moderna shares with the outbreak. The value of the shares that Springer bought in the past has now increased to $ 800 million.

“I made more fortune than I needed, I don’t think I need more,” Springer said in an interview in 2018.

Springer, which has become one of the wealthiest academicians in the USA, made an impression in 1999 by selling an initiative to Millennium Pharmaceuticals for $ 100 million.

Springer, an immunologist at Harvard University School of Medicine, is best known for his discovery of the first integrins and intercellular adhesion molecules and their pioneering work on how these molecules function in the immune system.


The share value of the US-based biotechnology company Moderna has increased 152 percent this year as the company attempts to produce vaccines against the corona virus. Moderna is one of the few companies in the world that has started to try the vaccine on people.

The Massachusetts-based company, with which the US Department of Health and Social Services decided to provide $ 400 million in support last week, aims to reach the final stage of the vaccine study at the end of this year.

With the outbreak, 22 million people lost their jobs in the US in the past month.


US-based teleconferencing company Zoom was also among the companies that multiplied its value with the outbreak. When people closed the houses to be protected from the virus, the talks started to be held by teleconferencing.

While Zoom was the company that increased its market share the most in this process, Zoom’s boss increased its fortune by $ 4.2 billion since the beginning of the year to $ 7.8 billion.

The fortune of e-commerce giant Amazon’s boss, Jeff Bezos, increased by $ 28 billion in this period to $ 143 billion.

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