The Czech Republic will use a toilet paper to fight coronavirus among migrants



The assistance to one government was proposed by the Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamek. Help the Hasisk rescue corps to the Czech Republic. These are mainly hygienic needs, soaps, ampoules or even blankets and sleeping bags.

Mutual help between states is one of the basic principles of hurry. In this case, we do not want the situation in Greece to escalate, said Minister Hamek. He noted that the aid will be intended for about 41 thousand children refugees.

The disease appeared in two refugee camps in mainland Greece. For example, in the city of Kirandi, which is about 170 km southwest of Athens, the city hotel has a quarantine of 470 migrants every week. The infection was confirmed in 148 of them.

The hotel was home to mainly migrants from Africa, who were relocated here last autumn from full-fledged refugee camps from the Aegean island, where they arrived by boat paerk from Turkey. There are 100,000 asylum seekers across the country.

The Czech Republic finances the budget of the MEDEVAC humanitarian program, which is coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior. Similar help drove her to Italy or Spain. R thus provided other countries with the aircraft capacity of its air bridge from it.



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