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April 24, 10:10

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Chernivtsi ODA

COVID-19 treatment will be paid for the clinic’s willingness to provide medical care

The National Health Service of Ukraine spoke about the approach to payments to medical institutions for the treatment of coronavirus in a hospital.

Chronicles of coronavirus. Ostanni new

All about the epidemic of coronavirus in quarantine in Ukraine Nadsilaєmo schodenno about 08:00

“For this inpatient care package [лечение COVID-19] we do not pay for the treated case, we give a budget. This is the principle of the fire brigade: we do not know how many fires there will be, but we must understand that if there are a lot of them, we can put out all of them, ”said the acting Heads of NSZU Oksana Movchan in an interview with the agency Interfax-Ukraine.

According to her, this principle of payment will help keep hospitals in a state of readiness.

“The hospital is fully equipped, doctors have been paid, they have all the necessary equipment, all supplies of medicines and they are ready to turn on at any time,” Movchan said.

Recall that in Kiev the treatment of one patient with coronavirus costs from 5 to 15 thousand hryvnia per day. Treatment in community hospitals is claimed to be free.

As of April 24, 7647 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Ukraine, 193 people died, 601 patients recovered. Over the past day, 477 new infections have been laboratory confirmed.

In the number of cases of infection, the Chernivtsi region leads, where COVID-19 was found in 1199 people. In second place is Kiev with 1122 cases.

The most lethal cases associated with coronavirus are in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. There died 45 patients with COVID-19.

In Ukraine, the peak of coronavirus disease is expected after the Easter holidays. The Cabinet has already extended quarantine in Ukraine until May 11.


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