The Governor of New York said that the coronavirus did not enter the state from China


The coronavirus was not brought to New York from China, but from European countries, state governor Andrew Cuomo said. He believes Italy is the most likely source of the virus.

The governor referred to a study by Northeastern United States University, according to which by March 1, when the first confirmed case of the disease was revealed in New York, more than 10 thousand residents were infected. Mr. Cuomo also recalled that the ban on entry from China was introduced on February 2, and entry from Europe was limited only in March.

According to Andrew Cuomo, 2.2 million people flew from Europe to New York and New Jersey in two months, many of which could have been infected with coronavirus. He also accused the US administration of reacting too slowly to the start of the coronavirus epidemic in China.

“We closed the front door to enter China, that was right. But we left the back door open because the virus flew out of China by the time we banned travel to China, ”the governor said at a briefing (quoted by Interfax).

Earlier, US President Donald Trump repeatedly accused the Chinese authorities of hushing up the true situation with the epidemic. He also admitted that the PRC authorities could use the virus purposefully. This week, Missouri was the first US state to sue China over the situation with the coronavirus. State officials believe that the PRC authorities did not take sufficient measures to prevent a pandemic, hid the facts and misled the World Health Organization.

Details are in the publication “Kommersant” “Virusud is coming.”