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The number of people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 pneumonia, is growing in the world. According to Worldometer International Volunteer GroupSince the start of the pandemic, the total number of infected has been nearly 3 million. Of these, over 200 thousand died from the effects of the virus, about 870 thousand people recovered. DW monitors the development of events on April 26 (Moscow time).

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Italy begins a phased weakening of the lockdown. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte presented a plan to lift restrictive measures from May 4. Parks and gardens will be the first to open, training of athletes of national interest is allowed, and production will also be resumed and work will begin on construction sites. Shops, museums, restaurants are scheduled to open from May 18. Hairdressers will be allowed to resume work on June 1.

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In France significantly decreased the number of deaths from coronavirus infection. Over the past 24 hours, 242 people died from COVID-19 in the country, 152 of them in hospitals and 90 in nursing homes, the Paris Ministry of Health said. A day earlier, this figure was 369 people. The daily death rate in hospitals was the lowest in the last 5 weeks. In total, 22 856 people have become victims of the outbreak of coronavirus. Currently, more than 28 thousand patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 are in hospitals, 4,682 of them are in intensive care units.

Outbreak of coronavirus in the Russian army

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AT Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – More than a thousand infected with coronavirus. Since March, it has been discovered in 874 military personnel and in 245 civilian personnel. Four military men are in serious condition, the Russian Defense Ministry said. All military personnel with positive test results are under constant medical supervision. In addition, coronavirus was found in 779 cadets and students of military universities, 192 teachers and pupils of pre-university institutions, the Russian defense department said.

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Germany will provide 300 million euros to countries in need to fight against coronavirus. The decision was made in response to a call for help made earlier by the UN, the German Foreign Ministry said. Funds will be distributed between more than 50 countries in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. “The coronavirus knows no boundaries. It affects especially those people who are at risk because they live in war zones, refugee camps or in states whose health systems are completely overwhelmed by the pandemic,” said department head Heiko Mas ( Heiko Maas).

Italy and the UK have the lowest death rate since March

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AT Italy recorded the lowest death rate from COVID-19 since mid-March. In a day 260 people died in the country. The number of deaths during the entire spread of coronavirus in Italy is 26,644. The total number of SARS-CoV-2 infected per day increased by 2324 to 197 675.

In the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, all priests became infected

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Kiev Pechersk Lavra is under quarantine due to coronavirus

Kiev Pechersk Lavra is under quarantine due to coronavirus

AT Kiev Pechersk Lavra, which has been quarantined for three weeks now, all priests have been infected with the coronavirus, said Metropolitan Clement, head of the UOC MP Information and Education Department. In addition, the monks, teachers and students fell ill on the territory of the laurels of the Kiev Theological Academy. In total, according to the metropolitan, 150-200 people fell ill, three died.

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Department of Health and Social Affairs Great Britain reported the lowest death rate from COVID-19 since late March. Over the past 24 hours in the country, the number of deaths from coronavirus infection increased by 413 to 20,732. The total number of infected SARS-CoV-2 increased by 4,463 to 152,840.

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AT Liechtenstein Scientists will test the possibility of detecting coronavirus in the early stages using a gadget for women – smart bracelets that track changes during the menstrual cycle. As part of a study COVI-GAPPconducted by the pharmaceutical company Dr. Risch Gruppe and the Swiss startup AVA, 2,200 volunteers will be equipped with AVA fertility trackers that measure body surface temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood flow. As the researchers hope, these data will allow us to draw conclusions already at an early stage about the possible infection of SARS-CoV-2 and the need for quick isolation and treatment. The first results of a study funded by the princely court and the Liechtenstein government, as well as private foundations, will appear in the fall.

Dolphins returned to the Bosphorus

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After a sharp reduction in maritime transport and fishing in the Strait Bosphorus dolphins returned there. Istanbul residents have increasingly begun to notice marine mammals off the coast, AFP reports citing a local fishing association. In connection with a pandemic in the Bosphorus, a fishing ban is in effect. According to experts, the return of dolphins to the water is an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.

Dolphins in the Bosphorus

Dolphins in the Bosphorus

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Thousands Russian militarywho participated in the rehearsals of the Victory Day parades were quarantined at permanent deployment points, and all vehicles underwent disinfection processing, said the commander of the troops of the Western Military District Alexander Zhuravlev. According to him, in the rehearsal of parades and processions in 181 settlements of 26 regions of the deployment of troops of the district, it was planned to participate more than 64 thousand troops.

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Bishop first died of coronavirus ROC. The working group under Patriarch Kirill reported that on April 26 Bishop of Zheleznogorsk and Lgovsky Benjamin died.

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AT The Netherlands coronavirus was detected in several minks on fur-breeding farms. The Ministry of Agriculture suggests that the pathogen was transferred to animals kept on two farms in the province of North Brabant from personnel. According to these data, several employees had mild SARS-CoV-2 symptoms, and the infected mink had gastrointestinal problems and shortness of breath. In total, the country has about 38 thousand infected with coronavirus.

Spanish children allowed to walk after 6 weeks of quarantine

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After six weeks of hard quarantine in Of Spain again allowed the children to walk on the street. The Ministry of Health in Madrid clarifies the rules: children under 14 years old are allowed to be accompanied by one adult, only once a day, for one hour between 9.00 and 21.00 and within a radius of 1 km from the house.

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Chapter Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova urged residents of the Russian Federation to continue to comply with restrictions on May holidays and spend them at home. “I really hope, and we are going to this that we will not see any peak. The peak is an explosion, we have no explosion. This was one of the tasks that we set for ourselves, and today we see that it is being realized. Unless we break into the holidays. This is the greatest risk of today, “she said on the television channel Russia-1.

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AT Italy 150 thousand people are tested for the presence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. A study to determine the extent of undiagnosed cases of coronavirus in the country will begin on May 4.

In St. Petersburg, another doctor died from coronavirus

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Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg

Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg

AT Saint Petersburg Alexey Filippov, head of the neurosurgery department of the Alexander Hospital, died. He was tested positive for COVID-19 at the Botkin Infectious Disease Hospital, Interfax reported citing the press service of the city health committee. On the eve, another Petersburg doctor, anesthesiologist Sergei Beloshitsky, who worked for more than 20 years at the Elizavetinsky Hospital and in February 2020, moved to work at the Alexandrovsky Hospital, became aware of a coronavirus infection. In addition, according to official figures, four nurses with confirmed COVID-19 have died in St. Petersburg since early April.

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Large Russian banks began to prepare for the transfer of part of the employees for permanent residence in offices, writes RBC. According to the publication, about 10 employees have already been transferred to this mode in Sovcombank to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operations. According to these data, employees went to isolation at the office voluntarily and for a higher salary. In addition, Zenit Bank has already created the appropriate conditions, but so far no such regime has been introduced.

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Coronavirus-infected deaths per Of Spain reached its minimum value in a month – over the past day, 288 patients died of COVID-19 pneumonia (the total number of deaths in the country reached 23,190 people).

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AT China During inspections, about 16 companies confiscated a total of more than 89 million defective protective masks. According to Chinese authorities, in addition to masks, about 418 thousand other personal protective equipment, as well as disinfectants, were confiscated. The total value of rejected goods exceeds 7.6 million yuan (about 1 million euros). How many of them were intended for export is unknown. According to Chinese customs, in mid-April, more than 31.6 million defective masks and 509 thousand units of defective protective clothing were confiscated in the ports of China, awaiting export.

Earlier, Beijing tightened the rules according to which PPE manufactured for export should now meet the quality standards of the country to which it is supplied.

Zhiely of Chinese Wuhan after removing the lockdown

Zhiely of Chinese Wuhan after removing the lockdown, April 2020

In the first pandemic epicenter, all patients with coronavirus were discharged

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AT chinese wuhan, where the coronavirus pandemic began, all previously infected patients were discharged from the hospital. According to the National Health Commission, the last patient with COVID-19 left one of Wuhan hospitals on April 24. In the city, more than 46.4 thousand infected with coronavirus were detected, that is 54% of the total in China. More than 3.8 thousand patients with COVID-19 in Wuhan died, which is 84% ​​of all deaths from coronavirus in China.

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AT Of RussiaAccording to the operational headquarters, 6,361 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection were detected per day. Thus, their total number reached 80,949. The number of people who recovered increased by 517 to 6,767. At the same time, a total of 747 patients died from the effects of infection (plus 66).

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Tbilisi residents in protective masks

Tbilisi residents in protective masks

AT Georgia 29 cases of coronavirus infection were detected per day. So, the total number of infected has reached 485, according to the country’s Ministry of Health. More than 4.8 thousand people are in quarantine, 522 in hospital treatment. A total of 139 people recovered, six patients with COVID-19 died.

The number of infected in Georgia will increase, and the peak of the disease is expected in late April, director of the Tbilisi Infectious Disease Hospital Tengiz Tsertsvadze said. “We will have to coexist with this coronavirus for a long time until scientists create a vaccine,” Tsertsvadze said.

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AT Ukraine over the last day, 492 new cases of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus were detected. There are 8617 infected and 209 deaths of patients with COVID-19 in the country, including 8 deaths in the last day. The most confirmed infections are in the Chernivtsi region (1341), Kiev (1188) and the Ivano-Frankivsk region (731), the Ministry of Health reports.

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The number of coronavirus infections detected in Armenia per day increased by 69 and reached 1746, reports Armenian single information center. During the day, the number of deaths has not changed and is 28 people. 833 people recovered.

German schoolchildren will probably study in shifts in a weekly rhythm

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Chapter German Teachers Union Heinz-Peter Meidinger (Heinz-Peter Meidinger) does not exclude that all students can return to their desks before the summer holidays. He proposed a “shift model,” according to which several classes study for a week at school and receive assignments for homework over the next week, during which time classrooms will be occupied by students of other classes.

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Cities located in close proximity to Moscow are leading in the number of new type of coronavirus infected. Moreover, the largest number of infected in Moscow region recorded in Lyubertsy and Odintsovo. Over 500 cases were noted there. Krasnogorsk (431 cases), Mytishchi (386), Korolev and Khimki (329 each) also got into the top ten.

Alex Hazard

Alex Hazard

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The White house examines the list of candidates for possible replacement of the Minister of Health and Social Services, Alex Azar. This information leads the publication Politico, citing four sources familiar with the situation.

Chinese diplomats tried secretly to communicate with employees of the ministries of Germany

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Chinese diplomats tried secretly to contact officials and employees of the German federal ministries in order to apparently get them to “make positive statements” about the results of the struggle PRC with coronavirus. This follows from the response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany to the request of the deputy of the Bundestag, which leads the publication Welt am Sonntag.

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The leader of the German football championship – Munich Bayern – Per day, sold 100 thousand medical masks with the symbols of the club. This was reported on its official website. All proceeds will be transferred to the We Kick Corona initiative, launched by two players of the German national football team to help charitable, social or medical institutions involved in the fight against the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Saudi Arabia reduces curfew

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King Saudi arabia Salman bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud decided to reduce the curfew in all regions of the country from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. local time. This regime will be in force from April 26 to May 13. At the same time, in the center of Muslim pilgrimage – Mecca – a 24-hour curfew remains.

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The Big Twenty (G20) – a club of governments of the countries with the most developed and developing economies – launched an international initiative designed to accelerate access to the health care tools needed to fight the new type of virus. According to Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Jadahan, Saudi Arabian finance minister presiding over the G20, the association continues to work to fill the deficit of $ 8 billion (7.3 billion euros) in the total package of funds needed, according to experts, to overcome the pandemic.

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AT Italy in May, museums and major attractions will open that were previously closed due to the pandemic. This was stated in an interview with La Repubblica by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini. First of all, we are talking about those facilities on which conditions can be created for a safe visit.

Argentina extends quarantine

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Argentina extends the expiration of April 26 regime of national quarantine until May 10. This was reported in the office of President Alberto Fernandez. The country was less affected by the pandemic than other South American states, including Peru, Chile and Brazil. According to the Worldometer international volunteer group, 3,780 people were infected in Argentina, 185 died.

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The number of deaths from the effects of coronavirus infection in Moscow on the evening of April 25, it reached 404, the capital’s operational headquarters reported. Over 39 509 people were infected. Meanwhile, 30 metro stations will be closed in the Russian capital on April 26, including the Park of Culture Sokolnicheskaya Line, Shipilovskaya, Solntsevo, Volokolamskaya. This is due to a fall in passenger traffic, noted in the subway.

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Authorities Of China announced 11 new cases of coronavirus infection – one less than the day before. In addition, no one died from the effects of COVID-19 over the past day.

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Dental laboratories Of RussiaThose involved, in particular, in the production of prostheses, sent an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asking them to include their sphere in the list of industries affected by the crisis. This will allow counting on state support. The letter, according to RBC, was signed by the heads of more than 60 private specialized companies.

Tesla founder Ilon Musk

Tesla founder Ilon Musk

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Employees of the American manufacturer electric cars teslamost likely, they will be able to return to work at the assembly plant near San Francisco (California) in the coming weeks. This was reported by Bloomberg. Normal production is expected to be restored on May 4. The pause at the Fremont plant continued on March 24th.

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The stars of the famous New York Metropolitan Opera gave a virtual gala concert online. “The theater is currently closed,” explained Peter Gelb, CEO. “Therefore, we want to please fans around the world this way.” Recording of the performance will be available on April 27 to 01.30 Moscow time.

Israeli Minister of Health resigns

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Minister of Health Of Israel Yaakov Litzman informed Acting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of his decision to resign. This was reported by the Israeli state radio Kan. According to him, Litsman asked the prime minister to transfer him to the post of head of the Ministry of Construction and Housing. У Лицмана ранее был выявлен коронавирус. Министра резко критиковали за политику его ведомства во время пандемии. По данным международной группы волонтеров Worldometer, в стране инфицированы 15 298 человек, умерли 199.

Автомобиль Smart на автосалоне в Женеве (фото из архива)

Автомобиль Smart на автосалоне в Женеве


Базирующийся в Штутгарте автомобилестроительный концерн Daimler AG с 27 апреля вновь приступит к выпуску автомобилей. Заводы в Зиндельфингене и Бремене возобновят производство автомобилей класса E и S. Между тем компания-автопроизводитель Mercedes уже заявила, что хочет снабжать системы очистки воздуха в ряде своих моделей новыми фильтрами, которые смогут обеспечивать защиту от вирусов и бактерий.


Prime Minister France Эдуар Филипп 28 апреля представит парламенту план правительства по снятию локдауна в стране. Об этом сообщили в офисе премьера. Затем в парламенте состоятся дебаты и голосование по проекту. В документе представлено 17 приоритетных пунктов, среди которых – открытие школ, возобновление регулярной работы общественного транспорта, а также заготовка защитных масок и санитайзеров, сообщает агентство AFP, ознакомившееся с проектом.

Режим жестких мер в стране действует с 17 марта, как ожидается, его отменят 11 мая. По данным международной группы волонтеров Worldometer, во Франции инфицированы 161 488 человек, умерли 22 614.


The president USA Дональд Трамп предупредил, что может отказаться от специальных пресс-конференций в Белом доме, посвященных ситуации с распространением коронавируса в стране. Об этом он сообщил в Twitter, возложив при этом вину на представителей СМИ, которые якобы “задают только враждебные вопросы и затем отказываются предоставлять точную информацию о фактах, а также правдивые сведения”.

Около 60 процентов турагентств и туроператоров в ФРГ опасаются банкротства


Порядка 60 процентов турагентств и туроператоров в Germany видят непосредственную угрозу банкротства из-за спада в отрасли на фоне пандемии. Это следует из опроса, проведенного Германским туристическим союзом (Deutsche Reiseverband, DRV) среди своих членов. Между тем министр иностранных дел ФРГ Хайко Мас (Heiko Maas) предупредил, что ожидать скорейшего доступа к популярным туристическим объектам не стоит.


Премьер-министр Великобритании Борис Джонсон приступит к выполнению своих обязанностей после выздоровления от COVID-19 27 апреля. Эту информацию подтвердила представительница 55-летнего главы кабмина на Даунинг-стрит, в официальной резиденции премьера, куда он вскоре возвратится. До этого Джонсон временно находился в загородной резиденции Чекерс в графстве Бакингемшир, где восстанавливался после болезни.

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Федерация футбола Таджикистана (ФФТ) объявила о приостановке до 10 мая национального первенства, а также всех турниров, проводимых под ее эгидой. how сообщает сайт ФФТ, это делается в рамках решения республиканского штаба по борьбе с распространением коронавируса. При этом, по официальным данным, в стране не зарегистрировано ни одного случая заражения SARS-CoV-2. Таджикистан, указывает агентство dpa, был одной из немногих стран мира, где еще продолжались официальные турниры по футболу. На сегодняшний день футбольные чемпионаты проводятся в Беларуси, Туркмении, Никарагуа и Бурунди.

Карантинные меры в Испании могут смягчить 2 мая

++ 00.40 ++

Prime Minister Of Spain Педро Санчес объявил о возможном смягчении со 2 мая жестких карантинных мер в стране. Как заявил глава правительства в телеобращении, испанцам будут разрешены занятия спортом на природе, а также прогулки вдвоем для проживающих в одном домохозяйстве. Жесткий локдаун в стране продолжается с 14 марта. Жителям разрешено покидать свои дома только для посещения врача и похода в продуктовый магазин. По данным международной группы волонтеров Worldometer, в стране инфицированы 223 759 человек, умерли 22 902.


AT Germany общее число инфицированных составило 157 175 человек (на 1737 больше, чем сутками ранее). According to Института имени Роберта Коха, 112 000 человек из их числа выздоровели, 5640 пациентов с выявленной инфекцией скончались. Прирост летальных исходов за сутки составил 140 случаев.

Хроника событий 25 апреля >>>

Current statistics on the distribution of coronavirus in the world, prepared by the American Johns Hopkins University.

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