Peskov announces Putin’s new appeal regarding the situation with COVID-19


President Vladimir Putin is likely to make a new statement next week regarding the situation with coronavirus, reported his press secretary Dmitry Peskov on the air of the channel “Russia 1”. When exactly the performance may take place, he did not specify.

Answering the question about the end of the self-isolation regime in Russia, Peskov noted that “a way out of this situation will be phased,” but this “phasing” has yet to be developed.

In Russia, according to data as of April 26, more than 80,000 patients with coronavirus were detected, this number almost doubled over the week (last Sunday there were about 43,000 cases of COVID-19 in the country). For the entire epidemic in Russia, 747 patients with coronavirus died.

During an appeal to the Russians on April 2, Putin declared non-working the whole of April and urged people to stay at home if possible in order to reduce the rate of spread of coronavirus. Some regions, at their discretion, announced additional measures to combat COVID-19, introducing more stringent rules for self-isolation.


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