Cyprus: Around 550 volunteers activated to deal with COVID-19


More than 1,400 people have registered with the Volunteer Management Protocol in Crisis Period of the Office of the Volunteer Commissioner and NGOs to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and so far 550 of them have been activated, the Office said in a statement. Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organizations.

These include organized groups and organizations, such as parties, Educational Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Motorcycle Clubs, Reserve Associations, Rescue Teams. The National Guard and members of the Presidential Guard are ready to assist if needed.

To date, around 550 volunteers have been activated throughout free Cyprus. The actions taken concerned deliveries of personal necessities and cleaners, from volunteers throughout Cyprus, to 2,200 people who are in compulsory quarantine in hotels and 60 deliveries of special medication in collaboration with the Ministry of Health by the specialized group of Volunteers. who have been trained and equipped with the appropriate medical equipment.

Also, as mentioned, the Coordination Center of the Mobile Units of the program of the Ministry of Labor, in addition to the staffing by Public Workers of KEPA and ANAD, is staffed by a large number of volunteers on a daily basis. The Bank of Cyprus and the REACTION Organization provide significant support to the Coordination Center.

More than 700 home deliveries throughout Cyprus to medicines and essential items for the elderly and people with health problems, which do not have a supportive environment, have also been completed through the Mobile Units program. This action is implemented in collaboration with the Commissioner of Mountain Areas, the Union of Municipalities, the Union of Communities and with Non-Governmental Organizations for people with disabilities and health problems.

“On this occasion, I would like to thank all the volunteers and the organized groups that have been registered in the Office Protocol. The intense interest of hundreds of our fellow citizens, and especially young people, who are ready to offer without any compensation, is touching. Also important is the way our volunteers operate in a very difficult environment. Observing the protocols that we have issued as an Office and with the strict observance of the instructions of the Office in the implementation of the action they undertake “, said the Volunteer Commissioner Giannis Giannakis.

The goal, he added, remains to activate the minimum number of volunteers with targeted actions, in order to reduce any small chance of strengthening the pandemic chain and protecting public health.

“This invaluable expression of volunteers fills us with pride and satisfaction, highlighting the upgraded role of volunteerism in dealing with crises when this is done in an organized manner, with defined protocols and with the right coordination,” he said.

He also thanked all the companies and companies that support this effort.


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