Russia and China are spreading fakes about Covid-19


About it reports Radio Liberty.

“Russian and Chinese representatives have argued that NATO allies do not support each other in the COVID-19 pandemic, that our countries are incapable of protecting their elderly and that NATO allies are responsible for spreading the virus. We have some examples of statements made in Moscow and Beijing, which are untrue and are trying to damage allied ties between NATO countries, “says Jens Stoltenberg.

“At a recent teleconference of the ministers of defense, all parties agreed to increase and accelerate teamwork. Only through joint efforts can we deliver patients across borders, transport materials and medical equipment. The statement to the contrary is a false statement,” the secretary general said.

Several questions from journalists related to the presence of NATO troops on the eastern flank of the Alliance.

Stoltenberg confirmed that NATO’s determination to continue deploying its troops in the Baltic States is beyond doubt.

“These are not just words, but deeds. Allied combat units stationed in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. NATO aviation continues to patrol the airspace over these countries. NATO military patrols in the Baltic Sea are continuing,” the NATO Secretary General said.

We will remind, the Security Service of Ukraine exposed 207 Internet agitators who spread fakes about a coronavirus. Some of the detainees acted on the task of the Russian special services.

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