Spitting FORBIDDEN on the field not to spread CORONAVIRUS! What do football players risk if they do not obey the new FIFA rule


We are looking for different measures to be able to play the remaining matches from the European championships.

Footballers could be eliminated if they spit on the pitch due to the potential for the spread of coronavirus through saliva, says the chairman of the FIFA medical committee.

In addition to the many health problems to which players are exposed, spitting on the field can be punished with a yellow card because the saliva that remains on the grass for hours risks spreading COVID-19.

Premier League football is preparing to return to training, but players will have to change their old habits for health reasons.

“Spitting is a common practice in football, but it’s not hygienic. When we resume football competitions we should avoid this. Players can get a yellow card for that. It’s unhygienic and it’s a way to spread the virus.”, FIFA member Michel D’Hooge told The Telegraph.

“If the person is infected but asymptomatic, the virus is present in the throat and can be expelled into the environment by spitting. Players must get rid of this habit.”, explained Dr Ian Brierley of the University of Cambridge.


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