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April 28, 04:29

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Peter Navarro criticized China

White House economic adviser Peter Navarro accused China of supplying substandard tests for the presence of coronavirus and antibodies in those who have been ill.

Chronicles of coronavirus. Ostanni new

All about the epidemic of coronavirus in quarantine in Ukraine Nadsilaєmo schodenno about 08:00

It is reported Reuters.

Antibody tests could help us determine which of the Americans could go to work in a safe environment. But we cannot allow the country to be filled with fictitious and counterfeit tests from China, ”Navarro said.

He also again accused China of hiding information about coronavirus and did not contain the spread of the disease.

They could not let the virus out of Wuhan. But they were silent and hid information for six weeks, ”Navarro said.

According to data on April 28, in the United States recorded more than 987 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. 56 164 people died.

More than three million cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide. The number of deaths exceeded 210 thousand.

The new type of coronavirus COVID-19 was first diagnosed in the Chinese city of Wuhan on December 31, 2019.

Confidentiality or security? Quarantined China:


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