What happened today around the corona virus in Drenthe and Groningen? Check it out quickly in this overview – Extra


RIVM: 48 corona patients passed away

RIVM reports that 48 corona patients have died since the previous update. That is 5 more than a day earlier. The number of hospital admissions increased by 88 to 10,609. The number of infections detected increased by 171 to 38,416.

What do inner cities look like after corona?

The middle class is receiving major blows from the corona crisis, but has not stopped moving in the meantime. Entrepreneur Eric Kooistra unfolded his plans for a corona-free city center in DVHN live. Think of hand washing stations in the shopping streets. But also screens on wheels, with which you can have your suit measured uncontaminated and screens between the tables in restaurants.

How the Spanish flu caused death and destruction in Drenthe and Groningen

The Spanish flu was squared as corona in the North. The virus mainly affected young adults and countless children lost their parents. The disease entered our country near Groningen in July 1918, but only became life-threatening in the fall.

The hairdresser is closed, what can you do (and how fast does your hair grow)?

We have not been able to go to the hairdresser for a month and a professional haircut is not possible for the time being due to the corona measures. But how fast does your hair grow? And is it wise to add your corona coupe yourself?

Drenthe Archive makes online teaching materials available

The Drenthe Archive in Assen is temporarily closed. In order to reach primary and secondary school students, the archive offers online teaching materials. Free.

Breathtaking view of the rapeseed fields

Those who want to stretch their legs despite the corona crisis can marvel at rapeseed fields. And that is also free. Many people took a look at the fields of the De Lange family in Bedum in recent days. The family added a nice plate.

Football clubs are allowed to train again, but only under strict rules

Professional football clubs are allowed to train again at their training complex. The KNVB does make demands. Players can only get started when safeguarding the hygiene measures of RIVM.

Together We’ll meet sing again on Liberation Day

Liberation day on May 5 should not pass in silence, say Reinout Douma of the Arctic Orchestra and singer Karin Noeken. On May 5 at 9 pm they will perform together with representatives from the cultural sector the famous We’ll meet again by Vera Lynn.

Every few days, ‘an airplane full of Dutch people’ dies

Yes, it is favorable that there seems to be a downward trend in the number of admitted corona patients and deaths. But as long as a number of compatriots die of the corona virus every three to five days, which is the equivalent of “a full scheduled flight from KLM”, there really is no reason to deal with the corona rules more loosely, warns Nijmegen infection specialist Andreas Voss.


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