101-year-old woman survives Spanish flu, cancer and COVID-19


Angelina Friedman is 101 years old and has overcome over her lifetime the Spanish flu, cancer and, more recently, COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by a new type of coronavirus, which has killed thousands in New York, especially in New York. among the elderly.

Angelina Friedman, who lives in a nursing home in upstate New York – such centers were severely affected by the pandemic – was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March, but managed to overcome the disease, as did made with the Spanish flu in the last century and with cancer, the New York Post reported on Tuesday, according to Agerpres.

According to her family, the old woman survived because she has “a superhuman DNA”.

“My mother is a survivor,” said her daughter, Joanne Merola, who recalled that Angelina survived “abortions, internal bleeding and cancer.”

The daughter of Italian immigrants, Angelina Friedman was born in 1918 aboard a ship bound for the United States, at a time when the Spanish flu was wreaking havoc, as is now the case with the new coronavirus, but she escaped safely.

Her mother died in childbirth, and she and her two brothers remained in her father’s care in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Angelina was married, and at one point both she and her husband were diagnosed with cancer. “She survived, he didn’t,” her daughter said.

On March 21, the old woman was taken to the hospital for a routine medical procedure, but when the doctors tested her for the new coronavirus, the result was positive.

After a week in hospital, she was sent back to the nursing home, where she remained in solitary confinement until April 20, when the test was repeated and the result was negative.

The first thing Angelina Friedman asked for after that was the weaving threads, said her daughter, who had not been able to visit her mother all this time.

But she sent messages of encouragement to her mother: “Go ahead, mother, you will survive us all.”


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