Covid-19 found for Daugavpils Municipal Police Officer – Society and Politics – News


He did not specify the position of the sick employee, but explained that the police had acted in accordance with the instructions of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. There are some employees who have self-isolation, but this does not affect the work of the police, because the municipal police has a successful cooperation with the State Police, and public order is ensured, Dunskis said.

Also, after the incident, tests on Covid-19 were performed on all police officers, and they were negative.

Dunskis emphasized that even before the case was detected, the health condition of the employees was monitored and the temperature was measured. When working with the population, police officers use face masks, and disinfectants are also provided.

The information gathered by the police shows that last week the Municipal Police received a total of 35 calls about possible violations of the restrictions of the declared state of emergency.

In connection with the city council’s ban on visiting children’s playgrounds, police officers held preventive interviews with 23 people, and another 78 people were told about non-compliance with the ban on gatherings. 32 administrative violation protocols have been drawn up for violation of restrictions and prohibitions established during the emergency situation and emergency situation.

Dunskis said that the biggest violators of the restrictions on gathering and distance are young people. Police also continue to receive calls about family conflicts, and possible violations of emergency restrictions when gathering in apartments are also reported.

The Code of Administrative Violations provides for fines of ten to 2,000 euros for natural persons and 140 to 5,000 euros for legal persons for violation of restrictions or prohibitions established during an emergency or exceptional situation.

As previously explained by the police, the commencement of administrative proceedings does not automatically mean that a person will be sentenced. The police first find out the circumstances and only then make a decision.


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