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Like today 19 years ago, AEK won the Greek Cup in men’s basketball, as it prevailed over Panathinaikos in the final of the institution, to lift the cup in the sky of OAKA. One of the protagonists of that day was Nikos Zisis, who gave a long interview to ERA Sports, through which he referred to the situation he is experiencing with mockery and the next day.

He also praised his then teammate and current health minister, Vassilis Kikilias, for which he said that even then he played an amazing defense in Dejan Bodiroga, as he still does today with the virus.

At the same time, the experienced goalkeeper of the Union referred to his own future, for which he stressed that he wants to claim and win the Basketball Champions League, while he also referred to the national team, for which he revealed that Rick Pitino asked about the possibility of his return. in the “blue and white”, but also for … Anderson Varezao.

Zisis’ statements in detail about:

The fact that like today, AEK won the Cup and if it has memories from then on: “It simply came to our notice then. Vassilis Kikilias had forced Bodiroga to take steps in the last attack. He played a tremendous defense in his most critical phase final. Who today is the protagonist in the difficult part that Greece is going through. Today, Vassilis is playing a tremendous defense in the coronation… This team of AEK at that time, was essentially the team that was being built to win the championship next year “,

Donations to raise money in the fight against coronation: “It simply came to our notice then. All Greeks to help in this very important issue that monopolizes our lives. Let us all help to get rid of this disease that has taken us all out of life. We stay home all day. It is not the easiest time to shut down all day, with four children and even boys. Each has its own needs, but I’m all fine. This is the important thing.

We are in Thessaloniki, there are times when it is more difficult, but okay. We are fine. We avoided the many contacts, walks and the infamous number 6, to protect ourselves and those around us. Let’s say a big thumbs up to the people who are on the front line and helping us. Doctors and nurses, but also the rest who helped us when we were sitting at home. Employees in supermarkets, pharmacies, employees in MMM and all those who facilitated us in this difficult time “.

The physical condition that athletes may be in: “It simply came to our notice then AEK a program. Exercises related to body weight, but bad lies about a professional level athlete, it is impossible to stay in the physical condition you should be. But at least the body is not completely inactive. That’s what we wanted to achieve. And with number 6, I went out for a run half an hour a day, close to home. ”

The Euroleague: “I can clearly say that the seasons in all competitions and all sports must stop. For two reasons. First, as a sign of respect for the victims and the people who are fighting. We can’t deal with basketball, since there is this huge issue for all of humanity. And secondly, because it is extremely dangerous not to think about the athlete, but how to finish an event. The same goes for all events. I talk to friends in Germany, in Spain (I was talking to Borussia yesterday), but also everywhere.

Obviously there are financial reasons, but the player cannot stay in the game. May 18th to start training for example and June 1st to wait to see good basketball. When the Champions League decided to stop, it was good that we didn’t have in mind that we had to do our best to stay in good shape, because I could play again right away. It only made us think about our health and the health of our families. We will see this, how we will start etc, it is ugly. I see it from many players, who are in their home countries or not. Everyone disagrees. They will do it to do it. People will not like it.

Everyone’s goal should be to start our preparations in August. I also hear about the possibility of training in June, as we did in the past, as a transitional stage, so that we can be ready in August. But, the important thing is to see what happens to the virus, with the second phase we expect. I also read, for example, Andrei Vatutin’s statements. And when you hear that from CSKA, whose revenues are endless, we understand. ”

The fact that he won another Cup with AEK and his aspirations for the BCL: “We were in very good shape and we were anxiously waiting for the end of the season. Let’s hope that by the end of September we will be able to claim what we set out to achieve. Champions League. With the peculiarities that the event will have. With the changes in the roster for example, which I hope in AEK are not many. We had a good team, very good chemistry and with the coach, so the team can have continuity. At the end of September, however, the teams that will play in the Final 8 will be largely changed. And it will be like the last preparation tournament. The first official match, after March 10. Nobody will know what to expect, but we will try to conquer it. ”

Whether AEK’s choice was a safer choice: “It simply came to our notice then. Then everything happened very quickly. And basically I didn’t have time to think about whether there is a risk in choosing AEK or not. That’s what I wanted to do and that’s what I did. And now in the quarantine I’m thinking about, I come to the conclusion that I’m happy with the choice and for other reasons. Think I was trapped in Spain and my family was in Thessaloniki. I’m lucky in this part too. And in general, I didn’t want the emotional part to affect me, but to think about how to contribute to the team and I was glad I did it from the first days. When the phone call came in January, at that moment I wanted to come back immediately. ”

Whether he will be the last team in his career: “AEK will be my last team with 1,000%. We will see about the expansion. Right now I’m going year after year, it’s very likely to be my last one, but I don’t like to set limits. One thing is for sure and I was thinking about it when I returned to AEK in January, that this will be my last team. I also came to finish my career at AEK “.

Mantoulidis and XANTH: “Vangelis Mantoulidis was a man who loved basketball very much. And the idea of ​​bringing young kids to play on the school team. He helped us a lot as people and athletes. And Sloukas comes from Mantoulidis and others. My children go there too. CHANTH (his jersey is on the roof of the stadium) was the team I started learning basketball from the age of 7, until I was 17 when I went to AEK. I was lucky because she pays a lot of attention to her Academies and I learned the basics from a very young age “.

Costas Sloukas and what he would do in his place: “I am reading Costas’ statements. I can’t know what I would do in his place, because I’m not in his … shoes. It is, however, a good timing. The need for Olympiacos to have a Greek player to lead for the next few years and the transition from Spanoulis to him, and the fact that Obradovic may leave, show a good timeline. But I can’t know. Everything there will be judged. Olympiacos will also want Sloukas, as will coach Bartzokas. It is a blessing to have a player at the peak of his career, with the value and quality that Costas has, to be Greek. It’s impossible to find. ”

Whether it was true that Rick Pitino wanted both Spanoulis and Zisis in the National: “It simply came to our notice then. Coach Pitino has been trying to enter the European reality since last year at Panathinaikos. When he took over the National Team, he was trying to learn faces and things and I know he did the same with me. He asked people, coaches and teammates. You know my love for her National, you know the reasons I stopped. I gave everything. I didn’t want to stop for a while and then I could come back a little later. I felt full, I gave everything. I wish we all stopped after success.

Here, these days especially, the athlete’s career is in danger of ending due to the virus. The important thing is to be good to yourself when you say goodbye. Here in Thessaloniki, I went to the basement of my house and found a lot of souvenirs from the National teams. And it reminded me of that, that I have lived with the National, there is no second. And it’s not just medals. We had great times. I think about it with a lot of love and romance. ”

Whether he is optimistic about the National: “Our goal should be how to use the supersonic Giannis Antetokounbo. Since “Last Dance” is also relevant, you all saw that when Phil Jackson went, he managed to combine the huge quality of Jordan with teamwork, you saw what he achieved. John is a different player, but we have to make him more functional. As a character he is a great kid and down to earth, he is not a vendetta because he is one of the best players in the NBA. It shows that he wants to succeed. It hurts with defeat. In general, this generation needs and wants a lot of success. I don’t think it’s a matter of inspiration, but it’s purely competitive. And Giannis’ chemistry with the rest, in combination with the different regulations “.

The next day: “I am just happy to be free. I will play next year and I am open to everything. And to talk to Mr. Angelopoulos, with whom we have said a few things, but not tangible. For the national team, I don’t know at the moment how the data will be formed. I say this only as a wish. We will see what the future holds. I know there are elections, let’s see when they happen. It is a given that I am loyal to the National, a soldier if you will, forever. But we will see the roles and the way. ”

The “past – forgotten” with Anderson Varezao: “While he seemed unrepentant at the time, later in 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, things changed. As soon as we got there, a member of the Brazilian Federation approached me and told me that Anderson wanted to talk to me. I was adamant, I didn’t want to. I had forgotten, but I didn’t want to talk to him. And he came behind my back to the presentation, without seeing who he was at first, and apologized. He told me that he had been carrying it for years, that his family had asked him why he had done it, sorry. Well, at that moment I also felt that all this was sincere and I said past – forgotten “.

The most favorite moments in teams and National: “As far as the national team is concerned, it is the conquest of Eurobasket and the victory over the Americans. You can’t tell them apart and choose one. And let’s not play with America … I felt like I was playing, we were very close. For the teams, I can’t single one out, I’ve tied with many teams. In my career as a whole, however, the top moments are with the National Team “.


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