‘One third of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in England’ died


James Gallagher
BBC Health and Science Reporter

It is stated that one third of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in England died.

It was noted that a little more than half were discharged and the rest were still being treated.

Professor of Liverpool University. Calum Semple said that “raw death data in hospitals are at the same level with Ebola”, while stressing that 35 to 40 percent of hospitalized Ebola patients died.

“People need to hear this. This is a very dangerous disease,” Semple said.

The study examined 17 thousand patients hospitalized in 166 hospitals. Obesity and age were found to increase the risk of death.

In the conflict, it was also confirmed that while men suffered from the disease more severely than women, the difference between men and women grew with age.


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