Tajikistan first confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection on the eve of a WHO mission visit


The World Health Organization (WHO) expert mission will leave for Dushanbe on Thursday evening. About this, answering the question “b”, reported on online briefing and. about. WHO Regional Director for Emergencies in the European Region Dorit Nitzan. About an hour after that, the Tajik authorities confirmed that the country had discovered the first cases of infection with the coronavirus COVID-19.

“It will not be an easy way,” said Ms. Nitzan. “The borders are closed, and there will be a number of difficulties. But as soon as they (mission participants.— “B”) get there, we will work side by side with the local authorities to prepare and, if necessary, respond (to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.— “B”) “.

The infection of citizens with coronavirus was reported on state television of the republic. “Today, a meeting of the republican headquarters to prevent the spread of the Tajik coronavirus was held, which officially confirms cases of coronavirus infection in the country,” the statement said.

Note that to date, Tajikistan has been one of the few countries in the world where no cases of infection have been detected. Turkmenistan neighboring it does not report infections so far. Nevertheless, media from each country receive frequent cases of SARS or funerals that are held in violation of traditions – for example, without the ability to see the body of the deceased.

As previously reported to Kommersant, the representative of WHO in Tajikistan Galina Perfilieva, a number of negative tests from Tajikistan in the near future should have been delivered “to Europe or Russia” for re-examination. According to Ms. Nitzan at today’s briefing, 26 samples were sent to laboratories in Moscow and the UK, and their virus was not really detected in them. Dorit Nitzan added that in Tajikistan “there are 22 hospitals with 3 thousand beds that are ready to receive patients, as well as 16 quarantine places.”

The date of the visit of the WHO mission to Turkmenistan is not yet known. “The mission is ready, but due to logistics difficulties, everything takes longer than expected,” Kommersant was told in the WHO office for the European Region (Copenhagen). “We are waiting for a suitable UN flight.”

On the situation with coronavirus in Central Asia, see Kommersant’s “Terrified Patient Countries” publication.

Kirill Krivosheev