Control during Covid-19: #Together? #Cooperation!


Many programs are devoted to communication about the heart of care. Masks crushed in faces, 12-hour shifts and other heartbreaking treatises on what goes on in our work, we have never seen such an abundance of images from healthcare. Apparently this is necessary for the seriousness of the Covid situation to penetrate into society.

Communication about policy is also taking place in the public domain more than ever. Policy advice, parliamentary debates and expert advice are taken up by social media, which in turn pass on all information to public media. COVID-19 seems to sharpen everything. Discussions about content run right through policy and politics. From every position you see arguments that are understandable.

Even the most logical topic from a few weeks ago is now being called into question. Not only does there seem to be a hole in the walls of organizations: an initial chaos is emerging. Damage control from an entire team of communication strategists can no longer compete with that. Scientific journals also have their hands full, witness an ironic press conference of our American world leader last week (inject something with disinfectant), to which Nature had to place a warning.

COVID-19 is pushing us in a new direction

Would COVID-19 be just that push that was needed to move from chaos to a new healthcare organization in which technology really supports healthcare professionals? Now is the time to direct this! That is the responsibility of all of us. What I hope as a care provider is that this happens from the basic idea of ​​our profession: without prejudice or selection, in confidentiality and from an institution, to do the best for the other. That’s just a bit more than just #SamenSterk, because it means #SamenWerk.

Let me give you an example: also for the “shit to corona” party-goer who caused a car accident with a drunk head and is offered injured, you will care with dedication as a care provider. It is not just something that is asked of you: you have to put your own world aside and put yourself in the other.

You take your knowledge, expertise and experience with you as luggage, while you are absorbed in the other person, like a film. This gives you the opportunity to formulate advice based on the interests of the other person. That makes the difference between #samensterk and #samenwerk for me. A mindset in which communication means: not being indifferent, respecting each other, really listening and involving each other in the first steps towards a new healthcare organization. That is not bureaucratic, but by design cooperate and steer. That is also the human thing we need to send technology so that it can support us all without distinction.

No time to waste

For me, COVID-19 means that there is no time to waste to work on my mission even more formally: making healthcare worldwide better based on the insight that technology is needed for the sensible design, with the right mindset and cooperation as a condition for success. .

I wonder how you feel this responsibility and what you want to contribute from your position to the bigger picture, now that COVID-19 proves that everything is interconnected, digitally and physically at a speed that is unprecedented. Let us know via #DDD, #Collaboration or #CatalyzIT. Or place your comment at the bottom of this blog.


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