VIDEO. Chinese Embassy in Paris posted a bizarre video on Twitter with the “true” story of the coronavirus epidemic


The Chinese Embassy in Paris published its own story of the coronavirus epidemic on Twitter on Friday. The video is not very diplomatic, according to the French press.

The long-distance war between China and the United States, or even wider with the West, has reached a new episode, reports Le Figaro. A video in English, entitled “Once upon a virus”, was published on the Twitter account of the Chinese embassy in France.

It is a short cartoon that shows the dialogue between a traditional fighter, representing China, and a statue of Liberty, representing the United States.

The content can be summed up in one sentence: in essence, China has warned the world about the gravity of the situation and successfully controlled the epidemic at home, while the United States did not want to hear warnings and now the Americans are overwhelmed by the situation.

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The dialogue between these two characters:

CHINA: I discovered a new virus
CHINA: It’s dangerous.
UNITED STATES: It’s just the flu
CHINA: Wear a mask
UNITED STATES: Do not wear a mask
CHINA: Stay home
UNITED STATES: Violates human rights
CHINA: Build temporary hospitals
UNITED STATES: There are concentration camps
CHINA: Our health system is saturated
UNITED STATES: Look how backward China is
CHINA: The virus kills doctors
UNITED STATES: It is typical of the third world.

Donald Trump attacked Beijing again

This satire mixed with pro-Chinese geopolitical considerations is at least astonishing coming from an embassy that criticizes another state in a not too diplomatic way, Mediafax reports. But China is not on its first attempt: in mid-April, the Chinese embassy in Paris published “observations of a Chinese diplomat stationed in Paris” on its website.

The Chinese diplomat claimed without evidence that doctors and nurses working in nursing homes (called EHPADs) had “abandoned their jobs the next day, leaving the elderly to die of starvation and disease.”

Following this publication, the Chinese ambassador was summoned to the French Foreign Ministry.

President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that his concerns about China’s role in the origin and spread of coronavirus have now come to the fore before its readiness to move forward on the trade issue. “I can do many things,” the White House leader warned.


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