A new test for coronavirus will detect the infection within 24 hours – Maleviziotis


A simple approval (as simple as it can be) from the Food and Drug Administration remains to be released and a new pioneering coronary detection test, created by a team of scientists from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), reveals Guardian.

It is a test that looks at the body’s immune response to the infection and can detect the carriers of the virus that are in an early stage of infection, thus preventing the spread of the coronavirus, as the diagnosis will be made quickly. This is, after all, the purpose of this test, and this is its noticeable difference from the common tests performed to date around the world. The virus will be diagnosed within 24 hours from the day the patient became infected, thus speeding up and speeding up prevention measures to prevent it from spreading.

The test was conducted after an earlier study by DARPA with the aim of quickly diagnosing chemical poisoning poisoners to return immediately after the outbreak of the new colonial pandemic, with scientists considering it ideal to prevent its spread.

“The goal of this research is to develop and validate a diagnostic test for early blood counts,” said Stuart Silfon, head of a New York hospital research team.

Several other medical schools, such as Mount Sinai, as well as Duke and Princeton Universities, have been involved in the study.

Once the test is approved, it will be published on the Internet, allowing scientists from all over the world to try it, while it will be available in the US in the second half of May, where up to 1 million tests can be performed per day!

The test will look at the body’s immediate response to the coronavirus, as “the immune response to the infection develops immediately after the infection,” the professor told the Guardian. This also makes it faster than existing tests.

Although DARPA scientists have not expressed optimism about the approval of the test, they have not hidden from the other and their enthusiasm for such a thing to happen, as they seem quite confident about the results of such a test. According to the Guardian, the speed of diagnosis will increase and accelerate the possibility of isolating patients who are at an early stage of infection, at a time when most countries are in the process of relaxing the restrictive measures.


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