Covid-19 children can hug their grandparents – scientists


Saturday, May 02, 2020

Scientists suggest that babies are not carriers of the coronavirus

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Children are probably not new-type coronaviruses. This was stated by public health consultant World Health England’s Heber Okereke. Such a message recently appeared in The Daily Telegraph, – writes TODAY.

Children do not appear to be carriers of the virus. Children, especially young children, are the least affected by this problem. They are less likely to get a serious infection and, in terms of public health control, less likely to be vector-borne, – says Eber Okereke.

Earlier, the Swiss authorities said that children under 10 could hug their grandparents because they did not pose a threat to elderly relatives.

But in Germany, it is believed that although the symptoms of coronavirus infection in children are not as pronounced as in adults, the concentration of the virus in their body is as high as in adults.

All this information should be taken into account when making decisions on whether or not to resume quarantine school activities.

For example, schools in Switzerland are planning to open schools on May 11, but the British government has not yet called for an approximate date for students to return to their desks.

We will remind, in Rivne the schoolboy will return for desks only on September, 1st. The date of the EIT depends on the terms of lifting the quarantine restrictions. The state certification for the 4th and 9th grade students was canceled this year.

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