Everyone is looking for a vaccine from a coronavirus. Spies don’t sit back either


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    </figure><p class="story-body__introduction">A senior US intelligence official told the BBC that foreign spies are keenly interested in the US-led coronavirus vaccine.

Director of the National Center for Counterintelligence and Security Bill Evanina said that authorities have already warned about such risks involved in the development of medical research organizations. However, he did not go into details whether there were confirmed cases of data theft.

Sources in the British intelligence services also confirmed the unhealthy activity of foreign intelligence.

Operation Warp speed

There is a real race in the world in the development of a vaccine from Covid-19. Individual researchers, large companies, and entire governments are involved in this race. Foreign spies encroach on their efforts, and their counterintelligence agents are doing everything to prevent them.

The organization, led by Evanina, certainly one of the most powerful in the world, is helping the US government, private business and academics resist the efforts of foreign intelligence to steal valuable data.

“We work very closely with business and government guys, and we are doing everything so that they can best protect their research and data,” said Evanina. “And we have no doubt that foreign intelligence, including Chinese, will try find out what we’re doing here. ”

The US government is trying to support the work on the vaccine as part of a program that has been codenamed Operation Warp Speed, according to some sources.

It is clear that any country that was the first to discover the formula for an effective and safe medicine will first try to provide them with its citizens.

“We contacted all the medical research organizations that conduct these developments and recommended that they be very, very vigilant,” added the counterintelligence officer. “In today’s world there is nothing more valuable and deserving of abduction than the results of biomedical research that can help in making a coronavirus vaccine. ”

Cyber ​​attacks on hospitals

In mid-April, the FBI reported attempts to infiltrate coronavirus research organizations.

According to the deputy assistant director of the FBI, Tonya Ugorets, biomedical research data has long been a “priority goal of cyber espionage,” and organizations that are known to be working on the virus have been “taken note.”

Later, Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers noted that it would be “beyond the bounds of absurdity” to believe that China was not interested in such information.

In March, the Canadian Cybersecurity Center warned that “serious elements could try to steal the intellectual property of research organizations related to Covid-19.”

In turn, American and Western spies in general cannot but be interested in what is happening in China, including conflicting data on mortality from Covid-19, as well as studies in the field of vaccines and other possible drugs for coronavirus.

The danger of cyber attacks on medical facilities continues to persist, which could jeopardize their ability to cope with the pandemic.

In April, two hospitals in the Czech Republic were already subjected to cyber attacks, and this unexpectedly led to a reaction from the US Secretary of State.

“We urge the alleged author of this attack to refrain from malicious cyber activity in relation to the Czech healthcare system or similar infrastructures anywhere,” said Mike Pompeo.


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