Trump predicted deaths from COVID-19 in the US


Trump predicted deaths from COVID-19 in the US

US President Donald Trump

The spread of coronavirus “could, it was necessary to stop at the source,” the American leader said.

US President Donald Trump during his speech at the White House said that the number of deaths in the country from a disease caused by a new coronavirus could be about 100 thousand people, which is significantly higher than recent forecasts in this regard. About it, on Friday, May 1, reports TASS.

“Let’s hope that we will go below 100,000 dead. Which is a terrible indicator anyway,” the American leader said.

Earlier, Trump said that a new type of coronavirus will kill about 60 – 65 thousand people in the United States.

Earlier, Donald Trump said that the United States is developing a large-scale punishment package, including sanctions against China for deliberate attempts to hide the true extent of the spread of coronavirus.

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