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Cardinal Robert Sarah, a member of the Vatican’s conservative wing, on Saturday, May 2, in an interview with the Catholic Daily Compass sharply criticized the limitations of religious life aimed at combating coronavirus.

“No one has the right to prohibit a priest from holding a communion or confession,” said Cardinal Sarah, who holds the position of Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Services and Discipline of the Sacraments in the Vatican. At the same time, he spoke unflatteringly about the services broadcast on the Internet, saying that they “lead the priests on the wrong path”, because they should “look at God, not the camera.”

Cardinal Robert Sarah

Cardinal Robert Sarah

He called the idea of ​​sealing pieces of the guest (Eucharistic bread, personifying the body of Christ in the rite of Communion) in sachets for the observance of hygiene measures “absolutely unacceptable.” “The sacrament is a gift that we receive from God, and we should accept it with dignity. We are not in the supermarket,” the cardinal stressed, calling this performance “total madness” and absurdity.

To the journalist’s remark that something similar is already practiced in some churches in Germany, Cardinal Sarah replied: “Unfortunately, a lot of what is being done in Germany is not Catholicism, but this does not mean that we should repeat it after them “

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