The sport returns to the country with over 20,000 people infected with COVID-19. What an important event is being prepared


Into the Mexico, country with fish 22,000 cases infection with COVID-19 and above 2,000 deaths, boxing will return as early as this month.

On May 26, in the city of Patzcuaro, will take place a gala whose main event will be the fight against the Mexican Carlos Molina, former IBF semi-middleweight champion, and his compatriot, Michi Munoz, transmits L’Equipe.

The organizers plan for the gala to take place without spectators, and for the five fights to be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

Boxing gala in Nicaragua as well. Distance of 1.5 meters between spectators, disinfectant and masks

nicaragua just reported 14 cases of COVID-19 and 3 deaths, until May 3, and the sport continues in the Central American country. If football is played without spectators, in the capital Managua there was a boxing gala open to the public.

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On April 25, an event of eight boxing matches took place, despite the pandemic and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

800 people were present at the gala. The spectators kept their distance at least 1.5 meters between them, in addition they were carefully checked at the entrance. Their temperature was taken and they were given disinfectant. Many of them had masks and gloves.

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