Trump: The deadly virus we thought was treating me worse than Lincoln


US President Donald Trump acknowledged Monday night that the number of victims of the country’s corona virus could reach 100,000 people – far more than he predicted a few weeks ago. Alongside his remarks to Fox News that “the virus is deadly than we thought,” Trump called for easing the restrictions imposed by states on staying on beaches and parks.

“We’re going to lose between 75,000, 80,000, up to a hundred thousand people,” the president warned. “It’s a terrible thing. We didn’t even have to lose one person.” According to him, the lives of hundreds of thousands of people were saved during his administration. “If we didn’t do it, the minimum would be a million and two hundred thousand, a million and four thousand, or a million and a half. That was the minimum.

Trump added that the first time he was briefed on the Corona virus was on January 23, following which he decided to halt flights from China on to. According to Trump, at a briefing, where he realizes that the spread of the virus “is not a big deal,” he was told “there may be a virus coming in our direction, but it’s not really a significant issue.” He added: “In other words, it wasn’t like they were told we had to do something. It was a short conversation … Shortly thereafter, I stopped flights from China. We had 23 people in the room at the same meeting and I was the only one who wanted to stop flights from China. “.

The US government announced the restriction of foreigners’ entry into China only on January 30, and according to US publicationsThis initiative came precisely from Trump’s advisers and not from his independent policies, after a series of airlines had already stopped the lines from China. However, Trump argued that the decision to restrict flights was not due to the pressure of his advisers. “I didn’t do it because they told me,” he said. “They said it very simply, as if it wasn’t significant.”

Yesterday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked the president’s behavior in a social media video. Donald Trump thought the job of the president was to tweet on Twitter, go to rallies and big parades, “Biden said.” He never thought he would have to protect the lives of 330 million Americans, so he just doesn’t do it. “

Trump responded to this in an interview, saying he “encountered hostile media like no president has ever encountered.” He added that “the closest is the gentleman up here,” gesturing to President Abraham Lincoln’s statue at a memorial in Washington, DC, where the interview was being held. “They always said no one treated them worse than Lincoln. I think I was treated worse.”


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