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There is also a “Russian trace” in them.

Against the background of the coronavirus, relations between two superpowers – the United States and China – escalated. According to world news agencies, the two warring parties again exchanged allegations of concealing data on the progress of the epidemic in the enemy.

So, the American authorities announced that they have “iron evidence” that the Celestial Empire significantly underestimates the data on infected people so as not to sow panic and have time to stock up on the necessary amount of protective equipment. Moreover, the question of Wuhan as a place of distribution of the coronavirus has again become acute. The US claims to have data on this as well.

In particular, the documents accessed by the Associated Press indicate that China should be blamed for the insufficient awareness of the World Health Organization about the level of contagion COVID-19. Intelligence also found that the scale of imports for that period of medical protective equipment, including masks and gloves, was also kept secret.

Note that a little earlier the well-known Michael Pompeo from the rostrum directly accused China of involvement in the spread of the global threat. The Secretary of State literally demanded that the Asian state be held accountable at the international level amid statements by President Donald Trump about the exact place where COVID-19, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, was “born”. It was from the lips of the American leader that the theory about the “mistake” of the Chinese was voiced, which became the cause of the pandemic.

Note that now the forecast for mortality in the United States continues to deteriorate: it is believed that in the States leading in terms of infection and mortality, coronavirus will kill about 100 thousand inhabitants.

China in response not only claims total openness for the coronavirus, but also addresses Trump “10 questions the world is waiting for answers from the United States.” The text was posted in the official mass media of the local Communist Party. The authors recall that a hundred days have passed since the first case was detected in the United States. Now, a third of the total number of infected in the United States. However, instead of a united fight against the virus for the benefit of their own people, American ideologists, according to the newspaper, are building conspiracy theories.

Actually, 10 questions that the whole world should receive from the US government are as follows:

1) Why the US does not provide updated information on the resumed experiment last year on the modification of the bird flu virus?

Data on such a decision in the winter of 2019 was published by the American journal Science (“Science”). A number of experts called the experiment monstrous because of the likelihood of enhancing the “transmission” of viruses between people. Note, research was interrupted for almost five years!

2) The US Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases was previously closed. Why?

Officially, biomedical research activities at the U.S. Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases were curtailed last June. No comments were given in this regard.

3) In 2019, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services developed a scenario that looked like a COVID-19 outbreak. Is this a coincidence?

Last month, The New York Times issued an information bomb: in the first nine months of 2019, the US Ministry of Health held a “Crimson Infections” scenario in pencil, in which echoes of the current development of COVID-19 were found.

Moreover, the Chinese authorities express concern – why the development of the plan and the holding of large-scale exercises in the fall did not bear fruit that could effectively prevent so many infected in the United States.

4) U.S. intelligence warned of the coronavirus crisis back in November 2019. Why were warnings ignored?

The media recalls that the emergency situations in the United States were introduced only on March 13, although since November all due special services have had operational data on the situation, first in Wuhan, and then around the globe.

5) Among the reported flu deaths, can the US determine how much COVID-19 is actually infected?

In late February, Japanese media reported that previously about 14 thousand deaths from COVID-19 could be hidden under the guise of a “standard” flu.

The head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, then showed “weakness”, indicating that the likelihood of an incorrect diagnosis could occur.

6) When did a new type of coronavirus appear in the USA?

The US Ministry of Health calls the 57-year-old resident of California Santa Clara the first victim of COVID-19. She died on February 6, while the first data on death on the background of the virus appeared 20 days later.

7) How did the United States get virus strains so quickly to begin testing the COVID-19 vaccine?

Earlier, suspicions were voiced that, when ready for testing on March 16, US authorities should have “puzzled” doctors with working with the virus in the very early stages of distribution.

8) Why does the US government not consider the pandemic dangerous, and US officials continue to sell shares at reduced prices?

The fact of insider trading amid falling stock exchanges is the sale of a block of shares worth about 1.7 million couple Barrov, a strong half of which heads the Senate Committee on Intelligence.

9) Why are American experts not allowed to publicly discuss COVID-19?

Since the beginning of March, the United States has imposed strict sanctions on all insiders on COVID-19. Information should only be disclosed after being agreed with the office of the US Vice President.

10) What research is being done at US foreign biological laboratories? Why is the US silent about this?

The “roots” of the issue came from Russia: the notorious Natalya Poklonskaya put forward to her colleagues in the Duma a proposal to request inspections of all US laboratories in non-American territories.


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