How many Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Lviv in a day. Statistics


Yesterday the city’s laboratories performed 103 PCR tests.

Photo credit: Natalia Timko / Facebook

Photo credit: Natalia Timko / Facebook

As of the morning of May 5, 514 cases of Covid-19 disease have been confirmed in the laboratory and in the Lviv region. About it reports LMR.

Yesterday 103 people were tested by the DA method, of which eight confirmed the coronavirus.

In all, during the whole quarantine period, 2280 people went to the Lviv Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, 418 were hospitalized, 1862 outpatients, and 285 were discharged. There are now 135 patients in the hospital, three of them in intensive care, two for ventilation. Overall, coronavirus infection was detected in 514 people, 16 died, 106 patients recovered.

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We will remind, yesterday from complications of a coronavirus infection the 87-year-old woman died.

Covid-19 patients in Lviv are also hosted by the Pulmonary Health Center and Military Hospital in Vinnytsia.


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