Coronavirus confirmed with Ascon founder Vladimir Sedov


        One of the richest businessmen in the Vladimir region, Vladimir Sedov, confirmed to Kovrov journalists that he had contracted COVID-19. Besides him, the coronavirus was diagnosed by two other Ascona top managers        </p><div id="detail_text_div" itemprop="articleBody">

 The founder of Ascona company Vladimir Sedov confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus. About this businessman 
<!--noindex--><a rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" href="">told</a><!--/noindex-->  edition of the "City of Carpets." According to Sedov, “the worst is over” and he “has 2-3 days left to recover”.

 The businessman does not know where he got the coronavirus infection. In mid-March, he returned from abroad and "immediately went to self-isolation." After returning to Kovrov, Sedov had almost no contact with anyone, and everyone with whom he talked passed the COVID-19 tests more than once, which turned out to be negative.

 Now, in addition to Vladimir Sedov himself, the coronavirus has been confirmed by two other Ascona top managers. “Fortunately, one of them is already improving, the second is still in the heavy category,” says the businessman. This did not affect the work of the company. According to Sedov, residents of Moscow and Moscow Region began to actively buy houses in the private city of Dobrograd (Askona Life Group project) when they "finally understood where to look for a safe haven."

 Ascona, according to Vladimir Sedov, was ready for a pandemic, although many colleagues - "the leaders of our other enterprises - at first did not believe." Doctors at the first clinical medical center in Kovrov are in touch, including with virologists at American Johns Hopkins University, the businessman said:

 “According to our information from the USA, the peak [заболеваемости коронавирусом] in Russia, it is expected on May 9-10, until the end of May, a plateau, and there ... Either, in an optimistic scenario, we will get out of the pandemic in June, or (this is a realistic scenario) we will exit at the end of July. ”

 As of the morning of May 6, 105 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in the Kovrovsky district. At least three locals who have been diagnosed with the disease have died. In total, from the beginning of the epidemic in the Vladimir region, according to official figures, coronavirus was diagnosed in 1,001 people, 43 of whom have already recovered and 12 have died.

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