Dozens of “mysterious” deaths may be linked to …


Authorities in the northern Nigerian state of Jigawa have said they are investigating dozens of deaths in the impoverished area, just days after the neighboring state of Canoe gave the new Crown Prince many “mysterious deaths” in its territory.

“About a hundred people have died in the last four days. Most of the victims were men between the ages of 60 and 80,” Andamu Danuau, a resident of the Hantzia region, told AFP. Among the victims was a relative.

Most died at home and only 13 of the patients were taken to hospital. A doctor, Dr. Abdullah Omar Namandi said the 13 had a high fever, which did not mean they had been infected by the new coronavirus.

“The Jigawa government is concerned about these deaths and has sent a team of five doctors to investigate the situation in the state,” he said. Mahmoud Abdulwahab, head of the commission. On Tuesday, his team interviewed relatives of the victims, trying to determine the cause of their deaths, and today toured the city’s cemeteries to determine the exact number of people who have died in recent days.

“We would like to know if this recent increase in mortality is due to Covid-19 or not. But at this stage of the investigation it is still too early to draw any conclusions,” he added.

The population of Jigawa is estimated at 5 million. However, for years now, no census has been taken in this poor, isolated area on the border with Niger.

Officially, only 39 cases of the new coronavirus have been reported in Jigawa, but the State does not have any laboratory capable of testing.

Authorities in neighboring Canoe, which officially counts 400 Covid-19 and 11 dead, said Monday that “most” of the dozens of “mysterious deaths” in recent weeks were due to the new coronary artery.

To date, according to official figures, the number of confirmed cases in Nigeria is around 3,000 and the death toll is around 100. However, in the country of 200 million people, the number of diagnostic tests performed is insignificant.

Source: RES-EIA


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