In the United States, a coronavirus was defeated by a 101-year-old woman


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Angelina Friedman called Queen of Life - Coronavirus wins 101-year-old woman in US

Angelina Friedman was called the Queen of Life

101-year-old Angelina Friedman from New York was successfully cured of a coronavirus. She has survived cancer, miscarriage, internal bleeding and now has two pandemics (Spanish and Covid-19) CNN.

A woman had been suffering from a coronavirus for several weeks, suffering from a fever. She self-contained in her room in a nursing home. In the end, another test on Covid-19 showed a negative result.

Staff at an elderly home where a woman lives has a great birthday party for Friedman, and last year she became the queen of the ball at the institution. Now it is also called the “queen of life”.

Earlier in Iran, a long-lived woman recovered, a 103-year-old woman defeated a dangerous virus in a week. The 99-year-old UK resident was cured of the coronavirus in just 5 days. She called sweets the main secret of her healing. A 100-year-old resident of Hubei Province, China, was cured 13 days after being hospitalized.

106-year-old Andalusian resident Ana del Vallee became the oldest person to beat the coronavirus. She also became ill with Covid-19 in an elderly home.


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