LIVEBLOG CORONAVIRUS: Cabinet comes with ‘timetable’ for easing measures


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In this live blog, we will keep you informed of the latest news about the corona crisis – within the region, but also far beyond.

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Written by Ron Vorstermans

The main facts at a glance:

  • Of all ‘corona suspect’ patients admitted to hospitals in Brabant, between 10 and 20 percent have the corona virus.
  • 33 new infections were detected in Brabant, the daily figures of RIVM showed on Tuesday.
  • The total number of detected infections in Brabant now stands at 8468.
  • Since Monday, 86 new corona deaths have been reported to RIVM. That is a significant increase compared to yesterday’s figures (+26).
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We close the live blog of Tuesday 5 May. From Wednesday morning you can follow the current developments around the coronavirus on our site.

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is looking with mixed feelings at reports that outside terraces will probably open again from 1 June. According to general manager Dirk Beljaarts of the branch organization, it is positive that this would finally give café owners and restaurant owners some perspective again. But actually June 1 is too late for him. In addition, many catering businesses do not have a terrace at all, the catering foreman emphasizes.

In the Valkenberg Park in Breda, people are looking forward to the coming relaxation of the corona measures.

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The boards of four major urban museums in the Netherlands are asking for additional government support because of the corona crisis. The Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Centraal Museum (Utrecht), Kunstmuseum (The Hague) and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam) hope that this will absorb the financial blows caused by the corona virus for many Dutch museums.

On Wednesday evening, the cabinet will set up a plan to relax corona measures in the coming months. The Hague sources speak of a “railway timetable”, which must make clear in what period, which sector can expect less strict rules, writes the NOS. Contact professions such as hairdressers may open again next week.

Sanquin blood bank will use 1 million blood tests for research into immunity and antibodies of the coronavirus. The current investigation is being expanded considerably, the organization reports. The new tests were ordered in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge and test envoy of the cabinet Feike Sijbesma visited Sanquin on Tuesday to mark the arrival of the tests. The research focuses on group immunity. If more people build up so many antibodies that they are immune to a disease, the chance of spreading decreases.

The number of patients with a corona infection that is in IC has been decreasing for a while, but Amphia Hospital in Breda warns: more beds will continue to be needed in the longer term. The head of the intensive care unit, Merijn Kant, says that in the NPO Radio 1 podcast De Dag. He calls for ‘a serious investment in healthcare’.

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There are 644 people with the corona virus in the intensive care units. That is 39 fewer than Monday. This is evident from the latest figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS) on Tuesday. Currently, 618 coronapatients are in intensive care in the Netherlands. The other 26 people stay in departments in Germany, 2 less than Monday.

Actually, the plan of harmony was Sub Umbra from Veldhoven to play on Tuesday in Oirschot in honor of Liberation Day. But given the circumstances, as with all activities, this action also had to be interrupted. “Sitting still is not an option for us as musicians,” explains Lianne van den Boogaard on behalf of the harmony. “And so we all started working on the Arromanches piece at home.”

Then sports news. The Tour of Italy and the Tour of Spain overlap this fall. This is evident from the revised cycling calendar that the international cycling association UCI presented on Tuesday. The corona crisis has paralyzed cycling since March, as a result of which numerous races have been canceled or postponed to a further date.

That is a good first step when the terraces open again, but it is not enough. That says the Etten-Leurse catering icon Laurens Meyer (60) to Omroep Brabant. He has more than fifty bars, including a number in Breda. “It cannot be the case that half of the companies will find a solution. In any case, we will open on June 1st. ”

According to the figures of the RIVM, Brabant is incidentally still the province with the most corona deaths. The difference is large: the number of deaths in our province is 1407, followed by South Holland (969), North Holland (679), Limburg (655) and Gelderland (607). In Groningen, the smallest number of deaths from corona (13) was recorded.

“It is a miracle.” This is what Yvonne Klaassen (58) from Eindhoven says, now that her husband Jos (62) is finally doing better. He has been in intensive care at Catharina Hospital with corona for weeks. “Yesterday he was picked up by ambulance six weeks ago and the next day he was put to sleep in intensive care and put on a ventilator. And now I have just received the message that he can get off the IC tomorrow or the day after. It’s just great. ”

We have been in the intelligent lockdown for quite some time now. Many people are therefore curious when part of the measures can be lifted again. When can you go back to work? Or to the terrace?

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Since Monday, 86 new corona deaths have been reported to RIVM
. That’s a sharp increase from those deaths yesterday (26), which was the lowest death rate in weeks. The official death toll due to the coronavirus in the Netherlands is now at 5168.

A total of 8,468 corona infections have now been reported in Brabant. Since yesterday, 33 patients registered by RIVM have been added. According to the figures of the RIVM, 1407 (+12) people have died in our province so far from corona.

The actual figures are higher than the numbers listed here. This is because not everyone who is potentially infected is tested.

Weekend deaths and admissions are often processed and reported on Mondays, and then come out in Tuesday’s numbers. That explains the increase after weekends.

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Across the border from our Southern neighbors, the number of people who have died from the coronavirus is now 8,016. 97 new deaths were registered in the past 24 hours, the national crisis center reports. Of these, 57 died in a hospital and 40 in a residential care center.

There are a total of 3,082 corona patients in the hospitals. In the past 24 hours, there were 84 new admissions, while 63 people were allowed to leave the hospital. It is the third day in a row that fewer than a hundred people with Covid-19 are admitted to a hospital.

The World Health Organization (WHO) finds it ‘not surprising’ that a first case of the coronavirus had already surfaced in France in December. A French hospital that had retested old samples of pneumonia patients discovered that as early as December 27, one patient had the coronavirus among its members. That was almost a month before the French government confirmed the first cases.

The German Ministry of Transport wants mouth masks to be worn in all public transports to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Nowadays only local public transport is in force in all federal states. The transport sector supports the advice.

According to Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag, nationalism and protectionism are not the answer to the corona crisis. She says that in an interview with AD. “As a country, we will not get any further economically.” “Anyone who now shouts ‘nationalism or protectionism is good’, forget that you cut everything up.

Most countries have neither the clout nor the market to do that. “As a trading country, the Netherlands is far from able to do that, says the minister.

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Many more people were admitted on Monday (89) in hospitals in Brabant with corona symptoms than on Sunday (41), but that does not mean that people are less careful with the measures, says the Regional Consultation Acute Care (ROAZ). “We see this more often after the weekend. And the outflow of patients is still increasing, so the overall picture and trend remain favorable. ”

We look equally far across the Brabant border. The number of new cases of the coronavirus in Russia has increased by 10,102 in the past 24 hours, compared with 10,581 the day before. This brings Russia’s nationwide total to 155,370 infections, the country’s crisis center said Tuesday.

The government must stop trying to compel consumers through European legislation to accept vouchers for flights canceled due to the corona virus. The Consumers’ Association writes this in a letter to the House of Representatives. According to the union, the Dutch government is undermining consumer rights.

Due to the corona virus, all liberation festivals and other festivities have been canceled and the Dutch celebrate this official holiday at home. The National Committee for 4-5 May asks people to reflect on 75 years of freedom in another way, for example by raising the flag and discussing it.

Traveler clubs are urging politicians in The Hague to make decisions about public transport. That reports De Telegraaf. According to Rover director Freek Bos, ‘the timetable should return to 100% as soon as possible’. NS and ProRail are now feverishly experimenting with solutions on the train and at six stations to reduce the risk of contamination.

Another 11,500 students who do not have a laptop or tablet to do schoolwork at home can get one. Education Minister Arie Slob has earmarked another 3.8 million euros for this. When the schools closed due to the coronavirus in mid-March, the cabinet already released 2.5 million for students who cannot afford a laptop or tablet. This could help nearly 7000 children. But that was not enough.

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