Application, which identifies cases of coronary heart disease, by Greek students – Interviews


A group of students has created an application that identifies possible cases of coronary heart disease. At the same time it sees if the user has come in contact with a case.

According to the students of the University of Patras, the purpose of the application is to identify possible cases of coronary heart disease, while at the same time to see if the user had come in contact with a case or possible case. The process is simple, and registration is done via facebook or gmail.

There is no such embargo in our country, unlike in other countries. The students wanted to help us come to our own, so that we could see if we had come close with a case to stay home for a few days or to be more careful not to get stuck around us.

George Tsoulos, Markos Stamatakis, Vassilis Kyriazopoulos and Thanos Stamatakis. have named their team bitleaf. These are 4 students who love planning and wanted to help the community somewhat in this situation, but also to remain productive.

We contacted the children’s group (Their instagram page is called, and to facebook BitLeaf), who conveyed to us their thoughts about the application, its main purpose, but also what its use is. In addition, as we were told, they have already contacted the Ministry of Health to take advantage of the application.

1) How did you get the idea to create this application?

The security measures affected the daily lives of all of us and forced us to stay at home. So our leisure time increased significantly, which we decided to use productively, doing what we love. We thought that technology has not been used enough, especially in our country. Thus, we concluded that a contact tracking application could help reduce the spread of the virus, especially in the critical period of lifting restrictive measures.

2) Was it easy to implement? How long did it take for it to be ready?

Planning is not something foreign to us. We faced small difficulties, which were overcome with good cooperation and the experience of the team. Having collaborated with others project in the past, we managed to complete the application quickly, within a month.

3) What is its main utility?

Its use lies in preventing the spread of the virus. Through the application, the user anonymously gives information about his location. In case of illness, again anonymously, it states in the application. Thus, all users who came in contact with the possible case in the last few days are informed. It is worth noting that the functionality of the application is based on individual responsibility, which so far has been shown to a large extent by the Greek people.

4) How do you plan to use it, as it is an application that will significantly help prevent the disease?

The application is a social action and we do not intend to make money from it. We would like to be the main tool of the Greek state for the prevention of the disease and to help prevent a second wave of cases.

5) Is there any contact with the government or the Ministry of Health to take advantage of the application?

We are in contact with the Ministry of Health, state and local agencies. Cooperation with the Greek state is necessary, due to legislation of the European Union on relevant applications. We hope for a good cooperation, as we see happening in other European countries.

The website of the application:


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