Who dies from a coronavirus more often


this material is available in RussianThis may be partly due to the socio-economic situation of some countries.

Illustration by REUTERSIllustration by REUTERS

Black women die 4.3 times more often of coronavirus than white women, and black men die 4.2 times more often than white men.

Read alsoOver a day, more than 90,000 new COVID-19 patients have been identified in the worldThis is evidenced by data from the National Statistics Service of Great Britain, reports CNN.

It also noted that Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and mixed nationalities also have a “significant increased risk of death”.

Researchers believe that this is partly due to the socio-economic situation of some countries, but they do not make such a big difference.

Earlier, UNIAN reported that Italian scientists have created the world’s first coronavirus-killing vaccine.

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