Australian authorities announced their readiness to remove restrictions on COVID-19


Australia will remove most of the epidemiological restrictions in the coming months. This was told by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. To remove the barriers that the government introduced at the end of March due to the spread of coronavirus infection, it is planned in three stages.

“Let’s start with the restoration of jobs. We plan to bring this figure to 850 thousand. We will remove some social restrictions: Australians will again be able to visit the pools, go to small cafes and restaurants, arrange holidays for a small number of guests,” he writes with reference to the prime minister TASS.

It is expected that the lifting of restrictions in the country will begin on Monday, May 11. Moreover, each region will independently decide on the pace of progress according to plan. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 6,912 people have been affected by coronavirus in Australia.

An outbreak of a new disease was recorded at the end of 2019 in Central China, spread to most countries and was recognized by the WHO pandemic. According to the latest data, the number of coronavirus infected in the world is already approaching four million people.


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