In Thessaloniki, a child with a typical Kavasaki image, negative in the coronary artery


The pediatric scientific community is investigating the association of the coronary artery with the clinical picture similar to that of Kawasaki syndrome, says Professor of Pediatrics – Infectious Diseases and a member of the Committee of Expert Experts of the Ministry of Health.

Ms. Papaevangelou clarifies that the latest publications in the international press, which report a significant increase in cases of Kavasaki related to coronary heart disease in children, have not been confirmed by scientific journals, “and they do not change our assessment that Covid’s disease in children is clearly milder than in adults. “ These reports do not surprise us, the professor points out, “because we as adults knew that some patients with Covid developed a polyorganic hyper-inflammatory reaction.

Now that in England and America the number of cases of coronary heart disease in children has increased, we have seen a similar picture, which in pediatrics reminds us of Kavasaki “. The first data from the United Kingdom, says Ms. Papaevangelou, even shows that incidents with covid and a similar image of Kavasaki are more common in children of African-American descent “thus confirming our hypothesis that the super-inflammatory reaction has a genetic background.”

In Greece, there is a child with a typical Kavasaki image in Ippokratio, Thessaloniki, but it is negative for the coronary artery, adds Ms. Papaevangelou, pointing out that the entire scientific community is monitoring this phenomenon.

“I think we will be able to draw conclusions in a few weeks,” he said. Professor Sotiris Tsiodras also referred to the issue in yesterday’s briefing, emphasizing the fact that Kavasaki disease is a rare disease for which there is a cure.



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