WHO: it’s too early to speak unequivocally of immunity to COVID-19 in patients


It is still too early to speak about the presence of immunity to COVID-19 in patients with the disease. This was stated by the representative of the World Health Organization in Russia Melita Vujnovich. Expert quotes “RIA News” Friday, May 8th.

The representative of WHO emphasized that now those who have recovered from coronavirus have only resistance to the virus.

“This is called nonspecific immunity. This is the first response of the body when there are cells that immediately kill what is there, and the virus has no chance to develop further,” said Vujnovic.

The presence of this type of immunity does not mean that patients have developed enough antibodies to ensure a quick response during re-infection, the representative of WHO believes.

“Specific immunity develops either after contact, say, after an illness, such as measles, or COVID in our case. If we talk about measles, we know that immunity lasts almost all our life. COVID is a new, insidious virus, and we we don’t know how antibodies will react and how the virus will behave, “Vujnovic concluded.

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