The head of ATI from Gerota, who was infected with COVID-19, appointed director of the hospital


The head doctor of the ATI department at Gerota Hospital in Bucharest, Alida Moise, who was infected with COVID-19, was appointed, on Friday, director of the hospital, announced the Minister of Interior, Marcel Vela. The former manager was appointed director of the Medical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Minister of Interior, Marcel Vela, announced on Friday, on Facebook, that Dr. Alida Moise, “the one who defeated death”, was appointed general director of Gerota Hospital.

“Starting today (Friday), the chief physician of the ATI Department of the Emergency Hospital Bucharest, Mrs. Moise Alida, who defeated death in a fierce battle with this virus, and who will continue to save lives, was empowered to fulfill the function of general director of this unit “, informed the minister, according to Mediafax.

According to him, the former general manager of Gerota Hospital, Dragomir Dinu, was appointed director of the Medical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the chief physician of the hospital’s Gastroenterology Department, Claudia-Iulia Mahu, was appointed deputy director of the department.

Several medical staff and people who were hospitalized in the “Gerota” hospital in the Capital, including the head of ATI, became infected with a former MIA officer, who did not tell the truth when he returned from Israel.

The woman was in serious condition, hospitalized at the “Matei Balş” National Institute, and was cured.

On behalf of the former MIA officer, a criminal case was opened for thwarting the fight against the diseases, being accused of infecting dozens of people, patients and medical staff from the “Dimitrie Gerota” Emergency Hospital.


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