Nikolay Lyubimov announced the abolition of a number of restrictive measures for coronavirus – News – Ryazan city on the city website


Nikolay Lyubimov announced the abolition of a number of restrictive measures for coronavirus

He published the relevant information on his page on VKontakte.

Governor Nikolai Lyubimov announced the abolition of a number of restrictive measures in the Ryazan region on May 12. Relevant information he published on your page on VKontakte.

Lyubimov noted that since May 12, round-the-clock work of all “quarantine” posts that were installed at the entrance to the Ryazan region is ending.

“Nevertheless, all citizens who have arrived in our region will be required to provide self-isolation at home for 14 days, as was established earlier,” he said.

Also, after May 11, public transport will return to normal operation. Buses and trolleybuses will begin to follow the established routes according to the previous schedule.

“The city leadership will prepare an appropriate order and inform people about it,” the governor said.

In addition, Lyubimov asked older people and citizens over the age of 65 to stay at home.

From May 12, all industrial enterprises, as well as construction companies and contracting organizations will be able to return to work, but “with ensuring strict observance of the proper sanitary and epidemiological regime in labor collectives.”

Car dealerships and car maintenance services, ateliers, laundries and dry cleaners will continue to work, “subject to the requirements of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in organizing work during the coronavirus period.”

Pupils and students will continue distance learning at the approved dates. Kindergartens will remain closed for visits, as well as theaters, museums.

The self-isolation mode is valid “until further notice”. The governor called for preserving the mask regime.

“In public places, in transport, including in a taxi, when visiting shops, at stops and stations, citizens should use respiratory protection,” the statement said.

The head of the region, speaking of small and medium-sized businesses, said that certain support measures were taken in the Ryazan region.

“There is a whole range of benefits, deferrals for tax, credit, rent payments, other preferences for SMEs,” said Lyubimov.

It is reported that priority is all social benefits – families with children, medical workers, as well as assistance to citizens who have lost their jobs.

As for electronic passes with QR codes. For individuals, this measure is still advisory in nature.

“The procedure for obtaining passes for organizations remains the same, with the mandatory completion of a special Declaration of Activities,” concluded Lyubimov.


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