separate Mother’s Day due to the Covid-19 virus – Dagblad Suriname


The COVID-19 virus is pressing heavily this year
stamp on the celebration of Mother’s Day. It creates limitations, but there are
also extra opportunities to put the mothers in the limelight. The restaurants are
closed, but can be picked up. Families accustomed to taking their mother with them
things have to do differently this year for a trip to the restaurant.

Because of the curfew, families also sit every
evening at home together. It can strengthen the bonds between family members,
especially when one lives side by side or is normally away from home a lot. It is also possible
create additional tensions. In almost all cases it is still the
mother who is central, because she appears to be the pivot in most families
to be.

The situation with COVID-19 can save money
for a family, because children do not go to school, people spend less
and therefore spends less money on the bus and car. On the other hand, it is possible
just be difficult when one has no work or works in a company that it
very difficult now. But even if you belong to the group that saves some money
shows that prices in the shops have increased in recent months,
so that the savings are so on. And when you have no income because of the
situation, the high prices put even more pressure on the family.

Whatever your situation, this year the
most families celebrate Mother’s Day. The children will not come out of school with
a beautiful drawing or piece of work, and also not recite a verse or poem. This too
is different this year. But amidst all of this, we have to put the mothers in the
put flowers. They deserve extra this year, because a mother remains one
mother and that is a very busy job. Big children also belong to Mother’s Day
to think of the many moments that their mother spent on them. It is a
day when we must return the love received.

This year Mother’s Day is just before the
elections. All mothers feel in their wallets that life is more difficult
their purchasing power has deteriorated considerably. There are many
mothers who have no positive thoughts about the future, but are concerned
about what will happen to their children and also to themselves. The VHP
empathizes with you and wants to do something about it. We don’t just have one
election program ready, but a whole Reconstruction Plan every
derailed economy back on track. It won’t be easy
but now we can still save Suriname and your children. Give us your vote and we
give you a good country back. We wish all mothers a happy Mother’s Day


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