416 people confirmed coronavirus in Ukraine per day, 17 died / GORDON


From the beginning of the epidemic, coronavirus was confirmed in 15,648 Ukrainians, of whom 408 died and 3,288 recovered, the National Security and Defense Council said.

Over the last day in Ukraine, coronavirus was detected in 416 people, 17 patients died, reported National Security and Defense Council on the morning of May 11.

The day before in Ukraine was recorded 522 new cases, and the day before that – 515.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, coronavirus has been confirmed in 15,648 Ukrainians, 408 of them died, and 3288 recovered (+228 per day).

11 952 people in Ukraine continue to suffer from coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Most cases of infection were recorded in Chernivtsi (2324), Ivano-Frankivsk (1126), Ternopol (1018) and Kiev (1000) regions, as well as in Kiev (1871).

Since May 11 in Ukraine quarantine mitigation begins. Citizens can now visit parks and squares. In addition, allowed to open stores selling non-food products, beauty salons and notaries.

The COVID-19 outbreak began in December 2019 in China. March 11, 2020 World Health Organization announced the distribution coronavirus pandemic.

As of May 11, 4.1 million people were infected with the coronavirus worldwide, more than 282.7 thousand died, and 1.4 million were cured, reported Johns Hopkins American University, which tracks the spread of the disease.


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