Coronavirus: The British are advised to wear masks. Hairdressers and pubs open in July


Pubs in Britain closed since March 23

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Pubs in Britain closed since March 23

The British government has published a 50-page document explaining in more detail the strategy for a gradual exit from the lockdown. It contains advice on wearing masks in places where social distance is not possible. The advice to wear masks was previously made by the authorities of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the gradual easing of the quarantine regime will keep the epidemic under control if people take the necessary precautions.

As Johnson said, citizens should be guided by the good old sense of British common sense, adapting to the new phase of the fight against coronavirus.

Hairdressers, pubs and restaurants in Britain will open no earlier than July 4th.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab announced this in an interview with Sky News on Monday, adding that this is the earliest date.

The night before, Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled a three-step plan for quitting the country, but many found it not very clear.

From Monday, those who cannot work from home can return to work, but they are urged not to use public transport whenever possible.

As Raab explained today, this is primarily about construction workers and those who work in production. The full list will be published later.

In the second phase of a return to normal life, which will begin no earlier than June 1, some non-food stores will open.

However, as the minister confirmed, hairdressing salons, pubs and restaurants will have to wait for the third phase, which will come no earlier than July 4.

“From July 4, the earliest, we will look at other sectors, including the restaurant and hotel, as well as beauty salons and hairdressers,” the Foreign Minister said in an interview with Sky News.

As Boris Johnson previously stated, from Wednesday it will be possible to meet on the street with a person living at a different address, but only maintaining a distance of two meters.

On Monday, in response to a question from the BBC, Dominic Raab explained: “If you go somewhere to the park and you are two meters apart and behave wisely, with a social distance, then you can meet other people ”

When asked whether a person can meet with more than two people on the same day, but at different times, for example, with his mother in the morning and his father in the evening, Raab replied: “On the street, not indoors, staying two meters apart – Yes”.

What is allowed from Wednesday, May 13:

  • Job: those who can work from home continue to do so. Those who cannot return to their jobs, but, if possible, do not use public transport.
  • Exercises: You can engage in the street an unlimited amount of time, and not just once a day for no more than an hour, as it was before.
  • Sport: Tennis courts and golf clubs are opened, but with respect to the social distance between the players; fishing and some water sports are allowed.
  • Communication: You can meet with those who live at a different address, but one at a time. It is allowed to sit together or sunbathe in the park, drive the ball, without approaching each other closer than 2 meters.
  • Traveling by car: You can drive to remote parks or beaches, but only within England and only with those with whom you live at the same address.
  • Fine for breaking the rules rose from 60 pounds to 100 pounds. Repeated violations may result in a doubling of the fine with a maximum of 3,200 pounds.
  • Garden shops and centers earn with the new standards for maintaining social distance.

What is allowed from June:

  • Schools: classes for elementary school students should begin, but only in the first and sixth grades, however, teacher unions have already raised concerns about infectious safety.
  • High school students, who will have final certification exams in 2021, will be able to meet with teachers for individual consultations.
  • The shops: some non-food stores are expected to open.

These rules apply only to residents of England. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the decision to relax measures rests with the local authorities.


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