Litmanen on the “battle” with the mocker: “I was worse than ever” | Football: Europe


Among the hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide, the Covid-19 virus “knocked” on the door and Yari Litmanen, who gave his own “battle” for four weeks, having been hospitalized.

The 50-year-old Finn is now safe and recovering with special treatment at home, but the memories of his illness will live on for some time to come, as he said it was the worst he has ever experienced.

«I don’t think I’ve been that bad. I had everything, fever, muscle aches, I had difficulty breathing. Luckily I felt so bad and had to go to the hospital. It was not an easy week.

Now, I walk and ride a little bike to regain my strength, but still I can’t go far. I hope things get betterSaid the former Ajax star.


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