The Russian Embassy urged the White House to watch the Battle of Russia movie


“This film commissioned by the US government considers the need for Soviet-American alliance to defeat the Nazis. Required to be viewed by all staff [Белого дома] in Washington, which prepared public statements about the Second World War, the report said on a diplomatic mission on Twitter. “Attempts to rewrite her story are attempts to rewrite US history.”

The embassy attached a video clip from the movie to the message with a link to the film itself, which was posted on YouTube. In this episode, the statements of the then American command about the important role of the USSR in the war are given.

“The Battle for Russia” is the fifth episode of the seven-episode documentary series Why We Fight, commissioned by the US government during World War II.

Friday White House posted a video US President Donald Trump’s laying a wreath at the World War II memorial, accompanying it with the text: “On May 8, 1945, the United States and Great Britain defeated Nazism. The American spirit will always win. ”

Russian Foreign Ministry on Sunday circulated a statement in the absence of mention The USSR is among the winners of Nazism in the message of the White House. It says that Russia is outraged by the US attempts to belittle the role of the USSR in the victory over Nazi Germany and intends to seriously discuss this topic with US officials.


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